Best Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

The City of Angels may not be the first you think of for great Italian food. But in truth, many of the best Italian restaurants in the US can be found in LA.

Top 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

What follows are the 10 best independent Italian restaurants that you can find in the greater Los Angeles area.


Alimento is a creative Italian restaurant by Zach Pollack. It’s located in the heart of L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood. The menu features a variety of small plates and pasta, and it’s stocked with local wines by the glass. Not the widest selection, but what Alimento offers is quite exceptional. Great wine selection as well.

Specialty Dishes: Great pasta, but the pork ribs are something special. An unusual selection for an Italian restaurant, but quite fitting with Alimento.

Average Price: Appetizers at $15, but main dishes run from $15 to $20 on average, making it quite reasonable in terms of price.

Reputation: Has garnered a solid reputation with great dishes. When combined with a fine atmosphere and fast service, Alimento has earned its place in LA as one of the best.

  • Phone: (323) 928-2888
  • Address: 1710 Silver Lake Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026
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It’s hard to believe that just five years ago, Bestia was a game-changer in the Arts District. Not only is it still the biggest restaurant in LA, it’s also become a local favorite. Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Bestia offers exceptional dining in one of LA’s trendiest restaurants. Reservations are made weeks and sometimes months in advance.

Specialty Dishes: It can be argued that every dish is a specialty, but the pizza in particular is quite scrumptious.

Average Price: The prices range from $10 for appetizers and side dishes to $20 up to $50 for main courses. The prices themselves are quite reasonable and compare well with other Italian restaurants.

Reputation: As the lengthy wait for reservations indicates, Bestia is one of the hottest restaurants in town. In its relatively short life, Bestia has garnered a considerable reputation with fans of Italian dining.


Chicca is the new restaurant space at Mozza’s on Melrose, which is overseen by Nancy Silverton and her partners Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. It features a meat-intensive restaurant room called Chicca. A heavy Tuscan atmosphere complimented by upscale Italian fare, chi SPACCA has the feel along with the taste of Italian cuisine at its finest.

Specialty Dishes: This restaurant offers many exceptional dishes, but the Focaccia does make it stand out.

Average Price: Side items range from $10 to $15 with dishes going upwards of $35 to $50. All in all, a reasonably priced Italian restaurant.

Reputation: A delight for those who love Italian food, chi SPACCA offers some of the best Italian dinings in the city.

Drago Centro

A modern Italian restaurant with a modern twist, DRAGO is located in the heart of City National Plaza. It’s the former Centrono Drago’s flagship restaurant that was turned into a vibrant, modern space. From the spacious dining area to the exceptional dishes, Drago Centro is a great place for wonderful Italian dining.

Specialty Dishes: The chicken is a standout, but the desserts are perhaps what really sets Drago Centro above the competition.

Average Price: Appetizers and desserts range from $15 to $20. While main courses run from $30 to $44. A little more expensive than average, but only slightly.

Reputation: Excellent service, unique atmosphere, and a fine selection, Drago Centro is a wonderful Italian dining experience.

Phone: (213) 228-8998
Address: 525 S Flower St Ste 120 Los Angeles, CA 90071
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Folliero’s Italian Food and PizzaOpens in a new tab. – (323) 254-0505

Sporting a casual atmosphere, this fine restaurant specializes in NYC-style Italian food. Setting it apart from most other LA Italian restaurants.

Average Price: Appetizers and salads are from $5 to $7 while main courses run from $8 to $12. This is easily the least expensive of all Italian restaurants on this list.

Specialty Dishes: Can’t go wrong with any of the selections, but the Bianca pizza is one to try.

Reputation: A great place to dash in and dine on excellent Italian food, Folliero’s offers a fine selection at good prices. 

Maggiano’s Little ItalyOpens in a new tab. – (323) 965-9665

With the upscale ambiance in the heart of West Hollywood, Maggiano’s Little Italy has earned a sterling reputation for exceptional Italian dining.

Average Price: The prices range from $20 up to $40 depending on the meal selected. With side items and appetizers at roughly $10. All in all, well within the average for most Italian restaurants in the area.

Specialty Dishes: Plenty of great dishes, but the Chicken Marsala and Lobster Carbonara really stand out. 

Reputation: Established in 2009, Maggiano’s Little Italy has developed a strong reputation for its food, service, and fine dining atmosphere.

Miceli’sOpens in a new tab. – (323) 466-3438

Italian music fills the air when you dine at Miceli’s. With two locations in the LA area, they are ready to seat you for fine Italian dining.

Average Price: Appetizers average $15 while pizza is roughly $25. Other main dishes are around $20 making Miceli’s an affordable experience.

Specialty Dishes: No one dish stands out, but the specialty pasta is quite scrumptious.

Reputation: Miceli’s has a long-standing, exceptional reputation that has only grown over the years. Great service, fine atmosphere, and plenty of great Italian food and drink.

Osteria MammaOpens in a new tab. – (323) 284-7060 

A family-run trattoria, Osteria Mamma serves delicious Italian comfort food with all the familiar dishes.

Average Price: Prices generally run from $20 to $50, making Osteria Mamma one of the less expensive Italian restaurants that are independently run.

Specialty Dishes: The emphasis is more on familiar selections, such as tomato pasta. But Osteria Mamma is also known for its seafood, making it rather unique among Italian restaurants.

Reputation: One of the best in all of LA, Osteria Mamma offers exceptional service, delicious food, and a strong reputation for homestyle Italian cooking.

Palermo Italian RestaurantOpens in a new tab. – (323) 663-1178

Emphasis on family-friendly atmosphere that specializes in the basics of Italian food. Palermo is a great place for fine dining at an affordable price.

Average Price: Appetizers average about $15, but the main dishes are around $25, making this quite affordable for families who love Italian dining.

Specialty Dishes: No single dish stands out, but what does is the portion size which is quite filling.

Reputation: A very strong reputation for serving basic, delicious Italian food. No fancy dishes, but affordable and exceptional meals.

RossobluOpens in a new tab. – (213) 749-1099

With a menu inspired by the Bolognese, Rossoblu offers a wide array of exceptional Italian dishes, including handmade Italian pasta.

Average Price: Appetizers and side dishes range from $15 to $20 on average. While main dishes are from $30 to $45.

Specialty Dishes: Can’t beat the risotto, but the selection of pasta is exceptional. If you love ribeye, there is a $99 option that is certainly tasty, if quite expensive.

Reputation: Exceptional reputation for friendly atmosphere, Rossoblu is a definite must if you love Italian food.

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