Does Baskin Robbins Have Milkshakes?

Many fast food and well-known chain restaurants are shaking things up by adding cool treats like milkshakes to their menus. Since its conception in 1945, Baskin Robbins has been serving up ice cream and milkshakes to satisfied customers worldwide.

Does Baskin Robbins Have Milkshakes in 2022?

While Baskin Robbins does have nine traditional milkshake flavors to choose from in 2022, customers can also become their own “milkshake mixologist” by requesting any of the other ice cream flavors available in store to be made into a milkshake.

Baskin Robbins has created over 1,000 flavors of ice cream and is still adding new ideas to their menus to this day. This means almost endless milkshake possibilities.

When Did Baskin Robbins Start Selling Milkshakes?

Baskin Robbins was established in 1945Opens in a new tab. and was focused on providing ice cream flavors that differed from the plain chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors available everywhere else.

Soon after, Baskin Robbins began selling milkshakes, as well as other ice-cream based treats, to their growing customer base.

What Type of Milkshakes Does Baskin Robbins Have?

Baskin Robbins has nine milkshake optionsOpens in a new tab. on their menu to choose from, including flavors like Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate and Gold Medal Ribbon.

If you are looking for something else, you can also ask the server to mix up other available flavors into your own Milkshake Mixology special.

Baskin Robbins encourages their customers to create new flavors like Creamsicle, Nuts Over Coffee or Shake Your FruityOpens in a new tab..

How Much are Baskin Robbins’ Milkshakes?

Milkshakes at Baskin Robbins can range in priceOpens in a new tab. from $3.69 for a mini size milkshake to $6.69 for a large milkshake.

A medium milkshake at Baskin Robbins, which is 24oz,  will cost you $5.69, while a 16oz medium plain milkshake at Burger King can cost you roughly $3.09 but has no toppings or add-ins.

Are Baskin Robbins Milkshakes Real?

Milkshakes made at Baskin Robbins are made with dairy ice cream that consists of milk and milkfat, cream, sugar, emulsifiers and other ingredients.

The company is moving toward more sustainable food and business practicesOpens in a new tab. and has removed artificial colors and dyes from their ingredients. Baskin Robbins has also added vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, non-dairy ice cream flavors to their menu.

Are Baskin Robbins Milkshakes Lactose-Free?

While most ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins are made from milk, which does contain dairy and lactose, they do currently have two flavors available for customers with food sensitivities.

The new Strawberry Streusel and Salted Fudge BarOpens in a new tab. flavors are both non-dairy and made from oat milk. These flavors are mixed on or near the same surfaces used for the dairy flavors, however.

Baskin Robbins used to also have other non-dairy flavors that included Chocolate Extreme, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Coffee Caramel Chunk.

What are the Milkshake Alternatives at Baskin Robbins?

In addition to milkshakes being served up at Baskin Robbins, they have other beverage options as well, including smoothies, floats and freezes.

Baskin Robbins recently introduced the new Mangonada, which infuses traditional Mexican flavors like mango, Tajin and chamoy. They also have Cappuccino Blasts.

Aside from milkshakes and other blended beverages, Baskin Robbins traditionally serves ice cream and also has other menu items like warm, baked treats and ice cream cakes.

Did Baskin Robbins Stop Selling Milkshakes?

There is no evidence to suggest that Baskin Robbins ever stopped selling milkshakes, nor does it seem that they plan to stop selling them in the future.

Baskin Robbins is an ice cream mogul, paving the way in the industry with a continuous stream of new flavors and menu items, like more milkshake options, for customers to choose from, as well as a commitment to becoming more sustainable.

Milkshakes served at Baskin Robbins are popular choices among customers, and it seems that the milkshake flavors on the menu are here to stay.

Can I Buy a Milkshake at Baskin Robbins?

With over 2,400 locations to choose from, you can easily find a nearby location who will serve you up a milkshake.

Customers can choose from nine menu flavors such as Mint Chocolate Chip and their World Class Chocolate shake, or mix up their own creation with any other available in-store ice cream flavors.

You can even create a dairy-free milkshake by choosing one of Baskin Robbins’ vegan ice cream flavors like Salted Fudge Bar or Strawberry Streusel, which are available at most store locations.

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