Does Burger King Take EBT?

Along with McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Jack in the Box, Burger King is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the US. Serving primarily hamburgers and fries, Burger King has built quite the reputation for its low-cost meals.

But while Burger King does accept cash and credit or debit cards, does it accept payments from Electronic Bank Transfer cards that are part of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)?

Currently, there are two states that allow usage of EBT cards to make purchases at Burger King along with many other fast-food restaurants. This is under the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) which is run by the states, California and Arizona. The RMP allows for participants to use their EBT cards at designated Burger Kings in the states.

Check to see if these restaurants accept EBT:

Why Burger King Does Not Accept EBT?

The answer is found within SNAP itself. A continuation of the food stamp program started in the 1970s, SNAP allows those who qualify to use EBT cards as payment. EBT cards are designed to provide nutritional food from a variety of sources. However, one exception is that they cannot be used to purchase hot, prepared meals.

Since Burger King along with virtually every fast-food and traditional restaurant serves only hot, prepared food, the cards cannot be used to make purchases. This means for the average person who qualifies under SNAP, their EBT cards are no good.

How Does EBT Work for Burger King?

Keep in mind that Burger King, much like most fast food restaurants in the US, are individually owned and operated under the franchise agreement. This means that the franchise owner of an individual Burger King may or may not allow the EBT to be used at their location.

You will need to ask before making a purchase or find out online which Burger King locations accept the EBT under such circumstances.

In addition, those who are members of the TENF program can download money from their EBT cards at ATMs or participating locations such as grocery stores. By downloading the money, you can then pay Burger King in cash for your meal.

Will Burger King Ever Accept EBT?

That will depend in large part on the state in which you live. For states that do not have an RMP, then the possibilities are quite small given that the federal government will have to make the changes.

However, for those who use the TENF program, they can still download money from ATMs and then use the cash to purchase meals at Burger King.

Can I use My EBT Card at Burger King?

If you live in California and Arizona and are part of the RMP, then you can use your EBT card at participating Burger King locations. If not, then you cannot use your EBT card at Burger King.

However, in most locations across the US Burger King does not accept EBT cards as an acceptable form of payment. There are exceptions depending on the state in which you live, but for most Americans their EBT cards will not work at Burger King or any other location.

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