Does Chili’s Have A Rewards Program

As a booming business strategy, restaurant loyalty programs are designed to encourage repeat visits of customers by offering personalized benefits for them.

Chili’s Grill & Bar is an American restaurant chain with over 1500 locations worldwide. Their special flavorful burgers make them unique from other restaurants. 

But does Chilies offer any rewards incentives for their shoppers? Read on to learn more about it.

Does Chili’s Have A Rewards Program?  

Chilies launched their digital loyalty program My Chili’s Rewards in May 2015. Anyone can join the program and get reward food or beverage on every visit. A new reward will be offered after each purchase, and get access to 1 tap ordering.

Chili’s simplified the loyalty program by replacing the old points-based rewards with a free reward on every visit.

If you are new to My Chili’s Rewards, you need to create an account by signing in and providing your valid details on chilis.comOpens in a new tab. or the Chili’s app. After Sign-up you will be automatically enrolled as a Chili’s Rewards member.

Anyone above 18 years old and a legal United States resident can register by agreeing to the terms and conditions. The existing members can log inOpens in a new tab. to their account with their email ID on the website or app.

The registered members will get the reward of free food after minimum purchase. The earned rewards will be credited to your account within 48 hours.

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How Does My Chili’s Rewards Work?

After signing up, you can start purchasing online or in-store right away. Chili’s Regulars is a deal in which you will be rewarded with free Chips and Salsa or any non-alcoholic beverage as a bonus gift for a minimum purchase of $5 on every visit to participating locations. 

This reward is offered if you make a purchase at least once in 60 days. The rewards updates will be communicated through the app, website, email, text, or table-top device in participating restaurants. 

You will get coupons right after the first order that has limited-time free food and bonus gifts. Additionally, members get personalized deals like a free appetizer along with the loyalty Chips or a beverage for an entree purchase.

My Chili’s Rewards also offer deals like free kids’ meals, free delivery, free dessert on birthdays. The rewards are eligible for dine-in, pick-up, or delivery orders. 

However, more than one reward cannot be redeemed and rewards and coupons or offers do not work together.  

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What Are the Perks My Chili’s Rewards?

The biggest perk of Chili’s rewards is not only receiving discounted food and deals but also getting free food on every visit. The personalized rewards you get through the app, email, or text can be claimed on the website or in-store on every purchase.

  • My Chili’s Rewards is open to everyone above 18 years old.
  • Free Chips and Salsa or Beverage (Chii’s Regulars) with a minimum $5 purchase.
  • Chili’s Regulars will be offered on every visit.
  • Free Kids’ mealOpens in a new tab. on special days.
  • Free appetizers on an entree purchase.
  • Coupons are available on every purchase.
  • Easy procedure for claiming rewards.
  • Free dessert on your birthday.
  • Mix and Match deals are available on special days.
  • Discounted meals and free rewards on every purchase.
  • Delivery orders also qualify to earn rewards.
  • Daily deals, monthly deals are offered to members.
  • Free wifi.
  • One tap order of your favorites.
  • Offer Nutritional, Gluten-Free food.

What Can I Get With My Chili’s Rewards?

The earned rewards will be added to your account after each visit and can be claimed on future purchases. The rewards include free food or beverageOpens in a new tab., personalized deals, limited-time offers, or birthday gifts. Some of the loyalty redemption items are listed below.

Any $5 purchase  Salsa and Chips or BeverageFREE
Any Regular EntreeKids’ Meal FREE
Any 2 EntreeAppetizer+ Chips and SalsaFREE
Any Adult Entree Skillet Queso or Chips and SalsaFREE
Birthday reward with no purchaseChoice of Dessert FREE

The limited-time deals and additional offers are listed below.

3 items- Appetizer, non-alcoholic drink,  an entree Limited-time   $10.99
8 Lunch SpecialsLimited-time$8 each($64)
Original Half Order RibsLimited-time$10.99
Mix And Match Fajita DealOne day deal$10.99 
Jack Apple ‘Rita November Special$5
Spider Bite ‘RitaMonthly Special$5

Chili’s give annual rewards on Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, National Pasta Day, National Fajita Day, and Birthday.

  • Miltary serving customers can get a free meal on Veteran’s Day when they provide a military ID for confirmation.
  • Kids will be rewarded with a free meal on Halloween.
  • You will get a discount on Cajun Chicken Pasta on National Pasta Day.
  • You can win a $50 e-gift card on National Tailgating Day.

How Much Does Chili’s Earned Rewards Worth?

Chili’s Rewards are worth it for newly joined and existing members as they can earn rewards towards free food and get bonus points for purchasing on special events. Additionally, you will get printable coupons on every purchase.

For example, Happy hour Specials are offered to members and the popular Margarita dealOpens in a new tab. with different seasonal flavors are available every day of each month. 

Below are some examples of coupon benefits.

Additionally, you get free rewards for participating in challenges like the Birthday Contest where they ask you to post your favorite videos of the surprised customers on Chili’s birthday song sung for them. 

Other challenges include game challenges, tik-tok challenges, and eating championship challenges.

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How Can I Redeem My Chili’s Rewards?

The eligible rewards need to be claimed before redemption. It is found in the “Rewards” section of your account. You can redeem the claimed rewards in two ways.

  1. Table-Top Device- On the table-top device at the participating restaurant, you need to enter your phone number. The selected reward will be automatically credited to your check.
  2. Rewards Website/ Chili’s App- Open the mobile app and order menu items. Select the unclaimed reward and it will be added to the order.
  3. Pick-Up Order- Show the barcode of the rewards to your server during pick-up.

All the rewards in Chili’s are for a limited time and if left unused it may expire soon. So it is convenient to check the latest deals and their expiry date often to save money.

You can also check the e-gift card or physical gift card balance on the mobile app or at the check-out register of the restaurant.

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Is My Chili’s Rewards Worth It?

My Chili’s Rewards is worth it for every customer who joins as they benefit from lots of offers, coupons, and deals like Happy Hour Deal, and free food rewards including free appetizers, meals, and beverages on every visit. 

Taking part in challenges gives you bonus points and win prizes. The members can also enjoy annual rewards, low-cost meals, and birthday rewards. 

However, it is convenient to know beforehand whether your nearest Chili’s locationOpens in a new tab. participates in the loyalty program which helps to save money.

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