Does Chipotle Have Root Beer?

Root beer has been a sweet, bubbly drink enjoyed in North America since before the Civil War. Some of the most popular root beer brands include Barq’s, A&W, IBC, Mug, and Dad’s. Hundreds of different brands of root beer are produced and bottled in the US and it remains one of North America’s favorite beverages.

At Chipotle Mexican Grill, a restaurant that is well known for its burritos, they carry a variety of beverages meant to complement the flavor palate of the food they serve.

Besides the fountain drinks they serve, which consist of Coca-Cola products, they also have bottled beverages including apple juice, orange juice, tea, and have recently introduced organic lemonades and teas to their menu.

Does Chipotle Have Root Beer in 2022?

Chipotle Mexican Grills across the US carry Barq’s Root Beer among their fountain drink selections. Barq’s Root Beer was bought by the Coca-Cola company in 1995 and began to be included as a fountain drink option in fast food chains that sell Coca-Cola products.

Even though Chipotle has an impressive selection of bottled drinks, it is the fountain drinks that most people order when visiting their restaurant.

This could be attributed to not only the popularity of Coca-Cola products, but also they are much cheaper and customers can obtain refills while still in the restaurant.

Root beer is often a favorite with younger restaurant-goers for its extra sweet taste and extreme bubbliness and has been since the beginning.

When Did Chipotle Start Having Root Beer?

Chipotle started carrying root beer in 1995 when Coca-Cola bought out Barq’s Root Beer. At that time, Barq’s was the eighth largest beverage company. It had been around since 1897, when it was founded in Biloxi, Mississippi. Chipotle, on the other hand, had only been open for 2 years, started in 1993 in Denver, Colorado.

Today, Barq’s has become the number two best-selling root beer, beaten only by A&W, and they have continued to grow in popularity since it was sold to Coca-ColaOpens in a new tab., which owns the beverage contract with nearly two-thirds of the biggest fast-food chains including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Subway, to name a few.

Chipotle’s decision to include Barq’s Root Beer with its menu options has made it one of the most popular drink choices at the chain restaurant.

What Kind of Root Beer Does Chipotle Have?

Barq’s Root Beer is a popular drink choice at Chipotle Restaurants. Introduced to the fountain machines after the company was purchased by Coca-Cola, it brings a slightly different flavor to Chipotle’s beverage lineup.

Its crisp taste and the fact that it contained caffeine, made Barq’s a staple of the 1990s when Chipotle opened up shop. Fountain drinks, like root beer, are the most affordable beverage option at Chipotle.

How Much Is Root Beer At Chipotle?

Chipotle Mexican Grill sells fountain drinks, including Barq’s Root Beer in regular size (22 ounces) for $2.50, or in large size (32 ounces) for $2.80.

This price is the same for all its fountain drinks. Prices on fountain drinks have jumped quite a bit since 2011, just a decade ago, when the same size drinks at Chipotle were $1.60 for a 22 ounce and $1.90 for a 32 ounce.

Considering their smaller-sized, bottled beverage options range from $2.80 to $3.20, getting a Barq’s Root Beer from the fountain drink counter is the cheaper alternative.

With the choice to refill your cup when you dine in, you get a bit more beverage for your buck. The nutritional information related to root beer is more inflated than the price, however.

How Many Calories Are in Chipotle’s Root Beer?

Barq’s Root Beer contains 160 calories per 12-ounce can, which are sold in stores across the country. This means that a regular-sized, 22-ounce root beer at Chipotle is equivalent to around 293 calories and a large, 32-ounce cup of the sweet treat is around 426 calories if you don’t include the ice.

Each 12-ounce can also contain 44 grams of sugars and 22 milligrams of caffeine, which adds up to a much larger helping of the two stimulants when distributed into larger fountain drink cups.

Can Chipotle Make A Root Beer Float?

Chipotle does not carry any kind of ice cream, one of the two essential ingredients in a root beer float. Since 1893, people across the United States have been mixing vanilla ice cream with root beer to create this frothy concoction.

Chipotle founder, Steve Ells, decided to keep their menu simple. He decided not to include breakfast, desserts, and a drive-thru in his restaurants, changes that became very popular with consumers.

Root beer floats, although a very straightforward treat, can be very decadent and frothy. They have become an important part of mid-summer celebrations and holidays.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, which carries root beer, does not carry ice cream to offer the option of root beer floats to their customers.

Did Chipotle Stop Selling Root Beer?

Chipotle has offered root beer as an option since the 1990s and continues to this day. Barq’s Root Beer is owned by Coca-Cola and is a staple of the brand, which holds an ongoing contract to exclusively provide fountain drinks for Chipotle restaurants.

Although the bottled drinks Chipotle offers sometimes vary, the fountain drinks hardly ever do. It is plain to see that Chipotle will be serving up root beer for a long time to come.

Does Chipotle Still Have Root Beer?

Along with a variety of other fountain and bottled drinks, Chipotle Mexican Grill offers Barq’s Root Beer to its customers. Root Beer has been in Chipotle restaurants for over two decades and remains a consumer favorite that complements burritos and tacos alike.

Root beer fans will agree that Barq’s does have some bite to it, and quite a bit of availability in the restaurant industry. With a crispness and smoothness all its own, Barq’s root beer can be the perfect pairing to go with that extra-large Chipotle burrito.

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