Does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay?

Dairy Queen is among the latest fast food-chain to unveil the use of contactless mobile payment platforms. This method enables diners to pay with their phones. It has rolled out numerous mobile payment platforms like Apple Pay that allow payment by simply hovering the customer’s phone on the pay point.

NFC contactless payment allows many restaurants to make payments at every establishment. It helps to eradicate contact with germs. These payment platforms are very secure because they are dynamically encrypted. Apple pay is essential because it scones with the added protection of Touch ID- Apple’s fingerprint technology.

Does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay?

Dairy Queen does accept Apple Pay in some of their NFC participating locations. Apple Pay allows Dairy Queen’s customers to hover their phones over their credit card terminals to pay for their products making the purchasing process easy.

Dairy Queen started using Apple Pay in March 2019. They opted to use this method of NFC paymentOpens in a new tab. because they are convenient. The transactions are superfast and take seconds as compared to other EMV chip card payments which took longer to process.

They embraced Apple Pay because it is designed to move customers away from physical wallets into a world where Debit and Credit Cards are on their phone or Apple watch.

The payment method is accepted on location. Consumers can also use it in drive-throughs as well as online purchases through App orders.

By approaching the POS system on location or drive-through that is compatible with Apple Pay, the screen on the customer’s phone lights up and opens the wallet automatically, where the customer taps on a credit card to be used to pay or with the default Apple Pay card.

Online payments are limited to participating merchants and it works well with apps that have adopted the Apple Pay API.

How do you use Apple Pay at Dairy Queen?

Apple Pay requires the Near Field Communication Antenna or and Touch ID or Face ID whenever one approaches and hovers his phone on the pay point.

The customer is expected to place his iPhone, Watch, or any Apple device near the contactless terminal and a subtle vibration or a ping on the phone will confirm the payment.

A receipt is recorded in the Wallet App so that the customers will review their latest transactions.

Does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay for Drive Through?

Yes, Dairy Queen takes Apple Pay in the drive-through window. The customer needs to tell the cashier that he will use Apple Pay. The attendant will then pass the reader. The customer then ensures that the phone is in close contact with the payment machine.

Then the customer is required to double click the iPhone’s right-side button and authorize the transaction using Touch ID or Face ID. The transaction will be completed.

Does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay for Online/App?

One can purchase online on the Dairy Queen Website or App because there is an Apple Pay payment option. The customer just taps the Apple Pay button or chooses the Apple Pay payment method, then selects the default card then Apple Pay automatically selects the shipping, billing, and contact information.

The payment is then confirmed by double-clicking the side button then entering the passcode or Face ID/ FingerPrint. Once the payment clears, the customer will see Done and checkmark on the screen.

Can you use Apple Pay for Dairy Queen Touch Screen Kiosk?

A customer can use Apple Pay at the self-service kiosk within the Dairy Queen Kiosk. As many Kiosks support paperless payments Apple Pay works by scanning the QR code presented on the screen by scanning it.

This method does not use Near Field Communication (NFC) but is achieved by scanning QR codes or Barcode with an iPhone camera to make payment.

The importance of this method of payment is that there is no communication between the sensitive information within the customer’s device.

Can you pay Dairy Queen Orders with Apple Pay on Delivery Services?

Most delivery services support the use of Apple Pay when the customer does not want to share the credit card information directly. Food Apps like GrubHub, UberEats Opens in a new save the customers time.

Apple Pay works well because it uses Touch ID on the customer’s iPad or iPhone to securely authorize the payment in these Appa.

It reduces the time that would have been used in entering the three-digit code on the card or logging in to the payment services.

What other Contactless Payment does Dairy Queen take?

Dairy Queen widely uses the MyDQ app to make payments for both Apple and Google Play users. The app allows the users to earn, track and redeem loyalty points. The MyDQ app provides a mobile wallet payment option as well as geo-location-based coupons, restaurant location features among others.

The above payment method was first introduced in 50 Colorado stores and two in Nebraska. It was implemented as a pilot to see its dependability.

Which Other Restaurants take Apple Pay?

Competitors like McDonald’s, Sonic, IN-N-Out, Whataburger, and Burger King are embracing Apple Pay as a payment option. McDonald’s has successfully embraced the contactless payment method in a manner that allows customers to fully exploit the benefits of the payment platform.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Dairy Queen?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at your local Dairy Queen locations. By simply hovering your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch on the payment point and authorizing your payment using a Face ID, Touch Id, or a password.

A double-tap is always required to confirm the payment. With Apple Pay, the attendant will not need to see the credit card number, address, name, or other personal identification information making it more secure than the traditional payment methods.

All this information is stored on the iPhone and is protected by several built-in security systems, including Touch ID.

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