Does Denny’s Take Apple Pay?

Denny’s accepts contactless payments via their pay at table payment terminalsOpens in a new tab., which are a convenient way to order, pay, and get any special promos available.

Apple Pay is a convenient and secure option for paying for your food without handing your credit and debit cards over to unknown restaurant employees. It also means you don’t have to physically carry your cards around, which could also be lost or stolen.

In addition, once you load your cards onto Apple Pay, nobody else will get access to them or store them in a system that could be hacked later. Some of Denny’s competitors have already implemented this contactless payment method.

Does Denny’s Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Denny’s contactless payment terminals accept multiple methods of payment, and that includes Apple Pay since November 2019. So you can order and pay directly from these terminals at your table, without having to get up or having a server come to take payment from you.

Denny’s launched a brand new website and mobile appOpens in a new tab. in September 2021; however, the mobile app does not accept Apple Pay as an option, and the website seems to use the same backend system, so it does not accept Apple Pay either.

You will be limited to use the in-store payment terminals if you want to use Apple Pay. This method is simple, convenient, and doesn’t require a server to come to you or for you to go to the counter to pay for anything.

How Do You Use Apple Pay At Denny’s?

To use Apple Pay at Denny’s, you must be in-store and use one of their pay at table payment terminals. These terminals from PrestoOpens in a new tab. allow you to order and pay at the table by tapping your device against the terminal.

Can You Use Apple Watch to Pay at Denny’s?

Your Apple Watch, just like any other Apple device, is fully supported by the Presto payment terminal at Denny’s. You simply tap your device against the NFC reader on the pay at table payment device.

Curbside pick has become very popular among restaurant take-out orders. Using contactless payment like Apple pay can even make this process faster and safer.

Does Denny’s Take Apple Pay For Curb Side Pick up?

Denny’s curbside pick-up is powered via their new website and mobile app; these are brand new as of September 2021. However, they do not support Apple Pay or any other alternative payment options.

To order and pick up your food curbside, you can only pay with credit, debit, or gift cards.

We just touched on it but is there a way to pay with Apple Pay for app orders?

Does Denny’s Take Apple Pay For App Orders?

Unfortunately, just like the website, Apple Pay is not a supported payment method in Denny’s new mobile app. In addition, they do not accept any digital wallet or alternative payment method outside of traditional debit, credit, or gift cards.

Because the mobile app was just released in September 2021, it’s unlikely that Apple Pay will be added quickly to the mobile app, and Denny’s has not released any information saying that it will happen.

If you want delivery or to use third-party apps, you may wonder if Apple Pay can be used.

Can You Pay For Denny’s Orders with Apple Pay On Delivery Services?

Most delivery services now accept Apple Pay via their mobile apps. So, depending on your location Denny’s will be available from at least one of the major delivery services. This would include DoorDash and UberEats who are partnered with Denny’s and do accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is accepted to some degree at Denny’s. What other contactless payment methods does Denny’s support?

What Other Contactless Payment Does Denny’s Take?

Denny’s supports contactless payments via their mobile app with traditional payment methods. However, their pay-at-table payment terminals offer a range of payment options that you may prefer. These include:

  • Apple Pay: Denny’s take Apple Pay inside their restaurant using payment terminals.
  • Google Pay: Google Pay is only available via their pay at table payment terminals, and it works exactly like Apple Pay.
  • Samsung Pay: Sample Pay is the same as all digital wallets at Denny’s. However, you can only use it with their pay at table payment terminals.
  • Chip Enabled Debit/Credit Cards: Your traditional debit/credit cards can be used in the mobile app, website, and using pay at table payment terminals.

Because Apple Pay is such a convenient option, you may be looking for what other restaurants you can try if you don’t feel like Denny’s.

Which Other Restaurants Take Apple Pay?

We know Denny’s accepts Apple Pay and is a great option, but you may want to try some other restaurants and use Apple Pay. Listed below are some great options, similar to Denny’s, that you can use Apple Pay with:

  • Boston Pizza, while not a breakfast restaurant, offers a variety of options similar to Denny’s,pay-at-table, and they accept Apple Pay via their mobile app.
  • The Cheesecake Factory is another casual dining restaurant that offers Apple Pay via their mobile app, which they called CakePay.
  • Chillis is a casual dining restaurant that uses the same pay at table product as Denny’s, which means they accept all the same payment methods, such as Apple Pay.

Can I Use Apple Pay At Denny’s?

You can use Apple Pay when you dine in at Denny’s, and it is available via their pay at table payment terminals, which allow you to tap your Apple device, including Apple Watch, and easily make payment.

Unfortunately, Denny’s mobile app and website do not have an Apple Pay option, which also means their takeout and curbside pickup do not support Apple Pay.

If you need to use Apple Pay but don’t want to dine in at Denny’s, your only other option would be to use a delivery service app that does accept Apple Pay. Delivery service apps can be used for pickup and delivery.

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