Does Domino’s Have A Rewards Program

To build customer loyalty and digital engagement, restaurants rolled out loyalty programs. By offering rewards and points, restaurants target to acquire new customers and retain the existing members.

Domino’s, a well-known American Pizza restaurant has more than 15,000 outlets worldwide. They are known for their top-quality pizza varieties, but what about their customer loyalty services?

In this article, let us dive deep into the rewards programs of Domino’s.

Does Domino’s Have A Rewards Program?

Domino’s launched their loyalty program Piece of The Pie Rewards in 2015. Anyone can join to create a Pizza Profile and earn 10 points per order of $10 or more. A free pizza is rewarded for every 60 points.

Piece of the Pie Rewards is open to anyone above 13 years. To enroll, you need to create a Pizza ProfileOpens in a new tab. by visiting the rewards section of After providing a valid email ID, Phone number, and Password, you will be automatically enrolled as a member.

  • Visit dominos.comOpens in a new tab. or Dominos app.
  • Click Rewards.
  • Tap Join Now.
  • Fill out the mandatory fields.
  • Click Join.

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How Does Piece of the Pie Rewards Work?

The customers will start earning points after the first purchase itself and 10 points can be earned per order of $10 or more including tax, delivery charge, or coupon discounts. A purchase limit of one order is permitted per day to earn points.

The earned points will be added to your account within 48 hours and occasionally it may take up to 96 hours. 

You can also claim points for your recent orders in-store or online by clicking “Claim Points” in the order confirmation mail and entering the order number and rewards code from the receipt. You can make a call to customer service in case you do not receive any confirmation mail.

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What Are the Perks of Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards?

Domino’s reward members can collect points for every online or in-store purchase at participating restaurant chains. The earned points can be exchanged for a free medium pizza and members can even claim pointsOpens in a new tab. for their recent purchases.

Below are some of the benefits of Piece of The Pie Rewards.

  • Anyone can enroll as a Domino’s rewards member.
  • For every order, you can collect 10 points.
  • You will be rewarded with a free medium Pizza for every 60 points.
  • Redeem your earned points for exclusive Pizza deals.
  • The order placed with a coupon is eligible for earning points.
  • Free pizza with two toppings can be redeemed as an additional item along with a “Mix and Match” Deal.
  • A gift card payment method for orders enables you to earn points.
  • A carryout deal is available every day at participating restaurants.
  • A choice of gluten-free Pizza crust is available for Rewards Pizza.
  • Rewards Pizza can be ordered using the Group Ordering tool and free pizza will be added to the cart in addition to the Group Ordering Pizza.

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What Can I Get With Domino’s Piece Of The Pie Rewards?

Using the earned points, a Reward Pizza can be redeemed. Additionally, The points can be used for purchasing menu items online with limited-time deals and coupons at the participating locations. You can order a customized Pizza with loyalty points.

Medium 2 Topping Pizza60 Points
16 Pc. Parmesan Bread Bites20 Points

The list of menu items with Coupons and Deals.

Mix And Match Deal $5.99
Carryout Deal – Any Pizza 3 Topping$7.99
Perfect Combo Deal$19.99
1 Large 1 Topping Pizza$11.99
Large 2 Topping Pizza & 10 Pc. Chicken$26.99
1 Large 3 Topping PizzaOpens in a new tab.$18.99
2 Large 2 topping Pizza$24.99
Baked Apple Dip & CinnamonBreadTwist$8.99

Domino’s offers special annual deals and rewards on Thanksgiving, National Pizza Day, Birthday, Veteran’s Day. You need to call the nearest Domino’s locationOpens in a new tab. or visit the website or app to get updated about the special event deals.

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How Much Does Piece of the Pie Rewards Points Worth?

Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards points are worth it for newly joined and existing members as everyone can earn 10 points after the first order. The earned points will remain in the cart so that you can claim points for your past purchases. 

The rewards points can be combined with coupons and other deals like Mix and Match deals or Family Combo deals. However, only online orders qualify to earn points. 

Although gift card purchase will not earn points, orders using the gift card payment method is accepted to collect points. Additionally, you can redeem points for limited-time deals and couponsOpens in a new tab..

For example, a new Perfect Combo Deal also called Family Deal is available at Domino’s that includes 2 Medium 1 Topping Pizza, 16 Pc. Parmesan Bread Bites, 8Pc. Cinnamon Bread Twists, 2Litre Coke. 

Additionally, you can make customized Pizza with a choice of Gluten-Free Pizza and select any of your favorite two-topping for Pizza. 

If you order a Classic Twisted Bread, you will get a free dipping like Cheesy Marinara Dip, Five Cheese Dip, or Baked Apple Dip.Opens in a new tab.

How Can I Redeem Piece of The Pie Reward Points?

A total of 60 points is eligible for a reward pizza. After log-in to or Domino’s app, you will see the “Redeem” button on the home page. You can select the type of Pizza crust and topping and build a Medium 2 topping Pizza. After adding to the cart you can redeem your free food.

However, add-ons may charge an additional price. The current point balance will be displayed as Points For Pies in the Domino’s app. If the account is kept inactive, the earned points will expire after 180 daysOpens in a new tab.. Every bonus offers also has varying expiration dates.

Is Domino’s Piece Of The Pie Rewards Worth It?

Domino’s rewards is worth joining as they offer points for each order. Members also get special deals with additional opportunities to collect and redeem points throughout the year. An extra option of crust type and topping is offered for members.

Through their Pizza profile, the customers can not only earn and redeem but can claim points for their past purchases and the loyalty redemption can be used with coupons or other offers. 

However, one person can have only one account at a time and the accounts cannot be combined with others including family or friends. 

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