Does Jack in The Box Have Milkshakes?

When it comes to dessert it’s clear that one of the most iconic confections is the milkshake. Some of the most popular milkshakes are available at Dairy Queen, Sonic, Burger King, Shake Shack, Arby’s, Wendy’s, and Five Guys – just to name a few. Jack in The Box also offers other types of beverages on their menu as well.

Jack in The Box offers a wide variety of drinks to quench your thirst. They include a wide variety of soft drinks, Hi-C, lemonade, teas, coffee, juices, milk, and water. In addition to these beverages, Jack in The Box also features great desserts that include milkshakes.

Does Jack in The Box have Milkshakes in 2024?

Jack in the Box does have Milkshakes. Each of the Jack in a Box milkshake flavors come in two sizes: large and regular. While Jack in The Box had three main flavors, they introduced a new flavor in 2007.

Jack in The Box introduced their coveted Oreo shake in 2007, they added this new flavor to their classic trio lineup which included chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Since then they have released limited seasonal flavors on their menu.

There are several choices of shakes that include flavor classics like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and Oreo. If dessert is on the menu, Jack in The Box has a great variety of milkshakes to sate everyone’s sweet tooth.

On their regular menu, Jack in The Box has four main flavors for their shakes. They include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and Oreo. The most popular shake on the menu is the Oreo flavor according to customers. With competitive pricing it’s no wonder, Jack, in The Box has one of the most popular shakes in the country.

How Much is a Jack in The Box Milkshake?

Jack in the Box offers their premium shakes at extremely reasonable prices. The large shake costs $3.29 and the regular shake costs $2.79. Competitively priced milkshakes that are made with premium ingredients like real ice cream are just one reason to get one.

Does Jack in The Box Use Real Ice Cream in Their Milkshake?

Jack in The Box has a high-quality menu that offers milkshakes that are made with real ice cream. Every one of their shakes is garnished with a whipped cream topping and a maraschino cherry. Their menu offers information on ingredients as well as the complete nutrition facts for each of their shakes with calorie information.

How Many Calories are in Jack in The Box Milkshakes?

Jack in The Box Milkshakes come in two sizes and contain the following amount of calories:

  • Oreo Cookie Shake
    • Regular 16 oz – 362 calories
    • Large 24 oz – 521 calories
  • Chocolate Shake
    • Regular 16 oz – 376 calories
    • Large 24 oz – 543 calories
  • Vanilla Shake
    • Regular 16 oz – 339 calories
    • Large 24 oz – 486 calories
  • Strawberry Shake
    • Regular 16 oz – 364 calories
    • Large 24 oz – 539 calories

Did Jack in The Box Stop Selling Milkshakes?

While many fast-food menus tend to fluctuate and change, Jack in The Box is still currently selling milkshakes. This restaurant also occasionally offers limited-release seasonal milkshake flavors as well.

Does Jack in The Box Still Have Milkshakes?

Being one of the oldest and most iconic fast-food chain restaurants, they were founded in 1951. Jack in The Box still has milkshakes today. They offer a variety of four classic flavors to choose from in two different sizes at an economical price. They also feature an occasional rotating seasonal limited release flavor menu for their milkshakes.

Each of their premium milkshakes will come with whipped topping and a maraschino cherry as a garnish, their shakes make for the perfect ending to any meal.

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