Does Jollibee Take Apple Pay?

Contactless pay is a form of pay in which you make zero physical contact. Jobilee accepts contactless payment via smartphones. You can simply order online through Jollibee’s mobile website. Jobilee’s mobile app makes ordering on the go more convenient. Find the app in the Apple and Android app stores.  

Apple Pay is a popular way of purchasing your food at retailers and restaurants. Just use your iPhone or Apple Watch. Hold one of these devices next to the payment terminal, and you’ll get a confirmation in seconds.  From Pizza Hut to KFC, hundreds of restaurants are using Apple Pay as a safe and secure alternative to plastic credit cards. 

Does Jollibee Take Apple Pay?

Although Jollibee’s mobile app is distinct, the restaurant does accept Apple Pay. I spoke with two local, Jollibee managers who confirmed this. I also called two other locations and confirmed their use of Apple Pay. Furthermore, Yelp Opens in a new tab.verifies my research. As of today, there is no official press release.  

How to Use Apple Pay at Jollibee

Customer can use Apple Pay inside or outside the restaurant. Inside, customers hold their Apple Watch or iPhone next to the payment terminal until they receive a confirmation. For drive-thru customers the process is similar. The clerk extends a portable payment terminal out of the window to the seated customer. 

Can I Use Apple Pay in the Jollibee Mobile App?

The Jollibee mobile app is not connected to Apple Pay. Thus, unfortunately, for now, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay in-app. Customers can still pay with a credit or debit card when making mobile purchases. Stay tuned as the company develops more contactless options.

How Can I Be Sure My Jollibee Takes Apple Pay?

Apple Maps can be a useful way of determining whether a franchise takes Apple Pay. In a location’s details, you will see the Apple Pay icon if it is available. Best to call ahead to verify whether a location takes Apple Pay.

What Other Methods of Contactless Pay Are Available?

Good news for Android users. Jollibee accepts Google Pay at many locations. In the Philippines, the chain is developing a means of ordering via Facebook. Check this news releaseOpens in a new tab. for the latest in contactless payment at Jollibee’s in the Philippines.  We’re likely to see even more contactless options at Jollibee in the future.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Jollibee’s Competitors?

The chain may want to be more open about its use of Apple and Google Pay. Some of its competitors have been more vocal and already appear in articles and lists of retailers. For instance, KFC, a competitor, recently announced Opens in a new was going to start using Apple Pay.

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