Does KFC Have Salads?

Salads have been a popular option at most fast-food locations for decades. While the selection of salads at any particular fast-food restaurant tends to be limited, most will offer at least one type of salad as a main menu option.

Side options are also available at many fast-food restaurants to select salads. The side salad as it is colloquially known is often rather plain and unassuming.

In terms of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), they currently have no main salad options on their menuOpens in a new tab..

It has been reported that some KFC locations may offer a side salad, but that does not exist on the main menu either. One sourceOpens in a new tab. does list two side salad options, but neither is currently present on the KFC menu.

Does KFC have Salads in 2023?

For those who are looking to augment the meals purchased from KFC with a salad, they currently do not have that option listed on their main menu. This means that at most locations you should not expect to see a salad option either main or as a side item when ordering meals at KFC.

However, since KFC is a franchise, this does mean that some locations may offer side salad options. This is because in the past it seems that KFC did offer such options, although again no such selection appears on their menu today.

KFC is one of the most recognizable fast-food restaurants in the US. For decades, KFC has specialized in selling fried chicken as their main menu item.

KFC is also known for their famous red and white striped boxes that contain fried dinners and buckets which only contain chicken. KFC is as recognizable as McDonald’s, Burger King, and every other fast-food restaurant franchise operation.

But they are unique in the sense that salads are simply not their focus. The fact that they currently have no main or side salad item on their menuOpens in a new tab. makes them unique in today’s fast-food restaurant industry.  

Did KFC Ever have Salads Before?

It appears that from at least one sourceOpens in a new tab. at least two side salad choices once existed. They are the house salad and the Caesar salad. The salads themselves without dressing barely have any calories.

The house salad sits at just 15 calories while the Caesar salad is at 40 calories. Adding salad dressing will up the number of calories in the salads.

When the salads were available, it was a popular option to order grilled chicken and add it to the bowl. However, with the salads not currently on the menu, that option is no longer available. This assumes that the sourceOpens in a new tab. is accurate and applied to most of the KFC franchises.

Why Doesn’t KFC have Salads?

It is not known why KFC has decided not to include salads in their menu. There is no source from KFC that has stated in public why salads are not on the menu. Or, when they were on the menu why they have been removed.

A logical assumption is that KFC focuses primarily on fried chicken which is a meal common to the south or southern states of the US.

The dinner selection mimics that of the old-fashioned southern meal that included corn, mash potatoes, and a biscuit which you can still get at KFC. Salads were not as common in the south, although they did exist.

Although salads are a popular choice today, KFC has never been able to successfully sell salads as part of their overall menu either as a main or side item. For the present, they are focusing on the basic menu items that they have served for several decades.

Will KFC Ever have Salads in the Future?

In the world of fast foods anything is possible. And that includes KFC bringing back side salads or introducing a main salad menu item.

When you consider the overall popularity of salads, it is certainly possible that a salad item will return to the KFC menu. But there is no indication from KFC that such an item will be introduce in the foreseeable future.

Are there Any Salad Alternatives at KFC?

While KFC does not have any salads available, they do offer some substitutes in that regard. The most obvious is the Cole Slaw.

Cole Slaw is similar to a salad in that it is created from lettuce, but it is not considered part of the salad family. This is because Cole Slaw is a specific type of dish that only contains specific ingredients that cannot be changed.

Apart from Cole Slaw, KFC also offers whole kernel corn as a vegetable substitute for a salad. It is simply a small bowl of corn, but it does offer a vegetable side dish to your main meal of chicken. There are no main menu items that are considered alternatives to salads at KFC.

What Other Fast-Food Restaurants have Salads?

Most other fast-food restaurants have at least one main salad as a dinner selection. This means that it is a larger salad which is the main dinner choice. Arby’s, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, and even Wendy’s have main salad choices on their menus.

Plus, most other fast-food restaurants have side salads. Which are salads that can be selected as a side item to a main menu dinner.

At Arby’s for example, you can trade curly fries for a side salad for no extra charge. Side salads can also be ordered separately, so if that is the only selection you desire, you can simply pay for the side salad.

Can I Get Salads at KFC?

According to their menuOpens in a new tab. KFC has no salad options either as a side or main menu selection. Whether that changes in the future remains to be seen.

There may be some franchise KFC stores that sell the older side salad selections. Plus, many KFC stores have combined with Taco Bell, which does offer a power bowl which is quite similar to a salad with many of the same ingredients.

However, at this time KFC does not offer a salad selection at most of their franchise locations.

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