Does Little Caesars Accept Apple Pay?

Little Caesars is one of the more popular pizza franchises in the US. They specialize in low-cost pizzas and have established themselves quite well in this market.

Currently the third-largest pizza franchise, Little Caesars has been serving low-cost, large quantity pizzas since 1959. Plus, they take contactless payment using the smartphone or computer so you can receive your food without having to enter the store. 

Apple Pay is still growing in terms of its popularity with fast-food restaurants. With more people using their smartphones to make payments, Apple Pay has become one of the leading ways for consumers to pay for goods and services across a wide range of retail stores and restaurants.

Does Little Caesars Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Little Caesars does take Apple Pay and you can use it to pay for all food items at most of Little Caesars’ locations. They also accept cash, credit, and debit cards as well. This means that if you have Apple Pay, you can use it to pay for items at Little Caesars.

Most of the locations accept Apple Pay and have done so for the past few years. Apple Pay is a relatively recent phenomenon with many other fast-food restaurants currently not accepting it as payment. But Little Caesars is an exception having put it on their approved payment list for most of their locations.

At locations that accept Apple Pay, you can use it on their website, at their locations, the pickup window, and when making orders through their Little Caesars app. This means that just like credit and debit cards, you can use Apple Pay in the same manner.

What should be noted is that not all Little Caesar locations accept Apple Pay. Most do, but some do not. That is because Little Caesars like most fast-food restaurant chains is a franchise.

This means that every location has an individual owner who has the power to accept or reject the use of Apple Pay at their location.

The reasons why some stores do not have Apple Pay vary, but the bottom line is that it pays to check first whether the Little Caesars location you choose accepts Apple Pay before you make the order.

How Do You Use Apple Pay at Little Caesars?

In the same manner that you use your credit or debit cards. You can use your Apple Pay at the designated locations in the same way you use Apple Pay when paying for items at other types of stores. Simply follow the instructions and make the payment, it’s that simple.

If you are ordering through the website or app, then you proceed through the menu and create your pizza for order. Once you have completed the ordering process, head to the checkout where you can make the payment.

As one of the options, Apple Pay should be available for you to use. Simply follow the instructions so you can make the payment using your Apple Pay account.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Apple Watch at Little Caesars?

The answer is no. At this time Little Caesars does not accept Apple Watch. It should be noted that Little Caesars only accepts credit and debit cards along with Apple Pay. They do not accept PayPal, although they do accept PayPal Mastercard because it is primarily a Mastercard that is recognized as such. So, you cannot use Apple Watch at this time to make payments at Little Caesars, but that can change in the future.

Can You Use Apple Pay at Little Caesars Drve Thru?

This assumes that the Little Caesars has a pickup window. It should be noted that many Little Caesar locations do not have a pickup window or drive-thru. Those that do should take Apple Pay, but again you should check out the store before making the order. If you are ordering in advance on their website or Little Caesars app, then you can use your Apple Pay at that point and pick up the food.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Delivery for Little Caesars?

Yes, you can if you order on their website or through their app. This means that you can use Apple Pay when making an order in this manner. With everything paid for before the delivery, you will only have to take the receipt if you want when the delivery is fulfilled.

What Other Restaurants Accept Apple Pay?

There are several fast-food restaurant chains that acceptOpens in a new tab. Apple Pay at this time. Of the competitors for Little Caesars, only Pizza Hut accepts Apple Pay. This is for fast-food franchises that specialize in pizza. Otherwise, you can use Apple Pay at fast food places such as Subway, Jimmy John’s, KFC, McDonald’s, and more.

As stated before, franchise owners have the right to refuse Apple Pay at any of their locations. So, you will need to check first before making the order. While the changes may be small, there are locations that have their own rules.

Does Little Caesars Take Apple Pay?

Specializing in low-cost pizza, Little Caesars has garnered a strong reputation for good-tasting, affordable pizza that meets the customers’ needs. That includes accepting Apple Pay as a means of payment that makes ordering online or through their app even more convenient.

Keep in mind that not all Little Caesar locations accept Apple Pay, so you will have to check first to be sure that the location from where you are purchasing the food does accept this type of service. Having said that, if you order through the website or the Little Caesars’ app and it takes Apple Pay, then you can pick up the food when you arrive.

For contactless payment, you can also use the app or website to create the order and they will deliver or you can pick up the pizza using the curbside service. Again, since each franchise has its unique set of services, you will have to check with the specific location to see how the contactless service is performed.

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