Does McDonald’s Have A Rewards Program?

As a marketing strategy, restaurants bring up the idea of reward programs to promote repeat sales. By offering rewards to repeated purchases, you can satisfy the customers and keep them visiting often.

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain with over 40,000 outlets across different countries. 

Their brand popularity remains on top due to the uniform quality services and foodOpens in a new tab. they offer to customers in every country location. Keep reading to find out if McDonald’s has a rewards program.

Does McDonald’s Have A Rewards Program?

McDonald’s launched their digital loyalty program MyMcDonald’s Rewards in August 2021. Anyone can join and 1500 points will be granted upon signing up. You can get 100 points per $1 spent to exchange for free food like Big Mac or Happy Meal, and beverages like iced coffee or frappe.

It is an easy process to register. Create an accountOpens in a new tab. with your email ID, phone number, and zip code. You will get free fries and a free drink as a new member gift. 

The existing members will be automatically enrolled into the loyalty program and McCafe rewards also merge into MyMCDonald’s Rewards. The earned McCafe points will be added to your account under the Rewards section. 

How Does MyMcDonald’s Rewards Work?

The points collected from MyMcDonald’s Rewards can be redeemed by purchasing the qualifying food and beverages. When you order a purchase, points will be automatically added to your account.

During the in-store order or drive-thru, you need to tap “Earn Points” in the app to get a four-digit code to use at the drive-thru and a QR code to scan for in-store purchase.

The card details and app linking will make payment smooth with just a 4 digit code. The more you earn points the easier you can unlock tier-level rewards. 

In addition to getting 100 points for every dollar spent, you can earn points faster through bonus offers. Any payment method is eligible for collecting points. 

However, you are allowed to use one reward at a time. You need to do five purchases to qualify for a McCafe Reward.

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What Are the Perks Of MyMcDonald’s Rewards?

MyMcDonald’s periodically offers free items and points for new members upon signing up or making their first purchase. Members can get these deals from their email subscriptionOpens in a new tab. or on McDonald’s mobile appOpens in a new tab..

To maximize the purchase and earn points faster, they offer bonus points for new members with instant access. With McCafe Rewards, you can earn points that are added to McDonald’s Rewards.

The perks of a McDonald’s Rewards member are as follows.

  • A bonus gift of 1500 points is offered to new members.
  • After the first purchase, immediate rewards can be earned with no minimum purchase.
  • You can earn 100 points for every $1 spent on food and drinks.
  • The earned points of McCafe RewardsOpens in a new tab. are converted to MyMcDonald’s Rewards.
  • For 5 purchases of McCafe Rewards, 400 points will be given.
  • If you make more purchases you can unlock more rewards.
  • Birthday treats such as free meals and drinks are offered in McDonald’s.
  • Any payment method can be chosen for collecting points.
  • The points can be redeemed anytime within six months.

McDonald’s Loyalty Program has designed tier-level basis rewards. The more you purchase and earn points, the more tier levels can be unlocked.

Tier 11500McChicken, Cheeseburger, Hashbrowns, Vanilla Cone
Tier 23000Sausage Burrito, 6 pc. Chicken McNuggets, Medium Fries, Large Iced Coffee       
Tier 34500Sausage McMuffin, Fil-O-Fish, Large Fries, Large Frappe
Tier 46000Happy Meal, Big Mac, Bacon Egg, and Cheese Biscuit, Quarter Pounder With Cheese

What Can I Get With MyMcDonald’s Rewards?

To enjoy the latest reward offers and deals, use the 4 digit restaurant code and earn points per transaction. You can see the deals and offers in the Rewards section of the app.

Hash Browns$2.191500
Sausage Burrito $1.693000
Medium Fries$3.393000
Large Iced Coffee$3.093000
Large Fries$3.994500
Large Frappe$4.394500
Cheeseburger Happy Meal$4.396000
6 Pc. Nugget happy Meal$5.396000

McDonald’s does give annual rewards on special days such as Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Christmas, and New Year. Customers can get a Happy Meal on their birthday. All you need to do is provide the 4 digit code and coupon.

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How Much Does  McDonald’s Points Worth?

The points earned at McDonald’s are worth enough for the regular customers as they can earn 100 points for every dollar spent. The points range from 1500 to 6000 that will be automatically added to your account after each purchase.

Bonus points of 1500 are offered for new guests which help to collect points faster. With the earned points you can unlock the tier level rewards and enjoy your favorite meals. 

For example, 

  • McDonald’s provides a new deal of free fries and a drink for your first purchase.
  • If you have 3000 points available, you can get a Sausage Burrito.
  • If you own 6000 points, the biggest deal of Big Mac and Happy Meal is provided.

Additionally, you can instantly access the first reward of 1500 points. Also, McCafe Rewards of 400 points are offered after five purchases. These points are added to Mc Donald’s Rewards.

Each McDonald’s location may have different kinds of weekly deals. So, it is convenient to look at the latest deals in your app or call the nearest restaurantOpens in a new tab..

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How Can I Redeem MyMcDonald’s Reward Points?

To redeem the earned points, you can use the app by selecting Rewards in the app and choosing your food item. Click ‘Add to your mobile order’ for online purchaseOpens in a new tab. or select ‘Use at restaurant’ for in-store purchase.

The available points are displayed on the home page of MyMcDonald’s app at the right top corner next to the logo. It is easy to check your balance and choose your favorite qualifying reward item.

However, MyMcDonald’s earned points will expire six months from the day you sign-up for the account. The previously earned McCafe rewards will also expire in 60 days. 

Is MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program Worth It?

MyMcDonald’s Rewards is undoubtedly worth it if you buy food at McDonald’s frequently. With this loyalty program, members can get free items such as cheeseburgers, and fries, and a popular combo such as a happy meal.

Anyone can join the loyalty program and enjoy the benefits after the first purchase itself. Unlike other restaurants, Mcdonald’s accepts any payment type to collect points.

Only the McDonalds members can get rewards and the reward points of a member cannot be shared. 

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