Does McDonald’s Have Root Beer?

Root Beer is a very popular beverage in modern American society. Almost all of the restaurants in the US offer different brands of root beer for sale to their customers.

Some of the popular root beers brands available include Barq’s, A&W, IBC Root Beer, Dad’s Root Beer, and Hires Root Beer. 

At McDonald’s, customers also get to enjoy drinks and beverages alongside their burgers and chicken items.

Some of the beverages available for consumption at McDonald’s include Coca-Cola, Sweet Tea, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Diet Coke, and many others. This article seeks to inquire if the fast-food giant offers Root Beer for sale. 

Does McDonald’s Have Root Beer in 2022?

McDonald’s does offer Barq’s root beer. Customers can enjoy their favorite McDonald’s snacks and chicken items with a bottle of root beer to go. This information is not surprising, seeing the popularity of Root Beer in modern America. 

However, you may not get root beer at all McDonald’s outlets. While customers may enjoy root beer in McDonald’s outlets in the US and Canada, you will be hard-pressed to find this beverage at McDonald’s outlets in the UK and other parts of the world.

When Did McDonald’s Start Having Root Beer?

McDonald’s has started selling root beer since the very first time it started the business. Root beer was part of the very first McDonald’s menu in 1940. Mind you, McDonald’s was just starting at this point, and the root beer was one of the nine items on its first menu. 

Root beer has always been an important palette of the American people since the 18th century, so it made sense that McDonald’s provided it on offer from the very first day.

Many teenagers tasted root beer during their transition to adulthood, and as a result, they always look forward to tasting the beverage again. 

What Kind (or brand) of Root Beer Does McDonald’s Use?

The root beer brand offered for sale at McDonald’s outlets is Barq’s Root Beer. This brand is one of the leading root beer brands in the world and arguably the oldest in the US.

This brand of root beer has a lot of history with it, and it culminates in its partnership with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company as the official bottler of the beverage. 

Barq’s Root Beer was created by Edwards Barq, one of the Barq Brothers that started the Barq Bottling Company in 1890, in the French Quarter of New Orleans. When Edward and his wife moved to Biloxi in1897, he started the production of root beer. 

Although many accounts suggested that the first sample of a product which will later be known as Root Beer did not come until 1900.

Either way, the first product indeed came out in the 18th century. The product did not take on the Root Beer label until many decades later, to prevent some legal tussle with another brand, Hires Root Beer. 

How much is McDonald’s Root Beer?

The root beer on offer for sale at McDonald’s is Barq’s Root Beer, and it comes in different sizes. The price of the Root Beer depends solely on the size. The available sizes of Barq’s Root Beer at McDonald’s include small, medium, and large.

The price of the small-sized Barq’s Root Beer is $1.09, the medium size goes for $2.94 and the large size goes for $2.89. 

How Many Calories are in McDonald’s Root Beer?

The amount of calories present in the root beer served at McDonald’s is 210 calories. This information is made clear in the nutritional summary providedOpens in a new tab. for Barq’s Root Beer on McDonald’s website.

As with almost all the products on offer at McDonald’s, there is a nutritional summary on the website for the root beer. 

In this nutritional summary, details of the nutrients and ingredients present in the McDonald’s root beer are made available.

According to the nutritional summary, the serving size offered at McDonald’s is 570ml. This serving then contains 90 mg sodium which accounts for 4% of the Daily Value. 

There is also 60g carbohydrate which accounts for 20% of the required daily value. The last nutrient or substance present in the 570ml serving of Barq’s Root Beer at McDonald’s is 60g of sugar. 

It is also important to mention the ingredients used to make the Barq’s Root Beer sold at McDonald’s.

They include caramel color, carbonated water, sodium benzoate, citric acid, fructose-glucose, and caffeine. You should also know that root beer contains both natural and artificial flavors. 

Can McDonald’s make a Root Beer Float?  

McDonald’s makes Root Beer Floats. The Root Beer Float is one of the fast-food brand’s secret menus. Many customers of McDonald’s have always loved and enjoyed the Root Beer Float.

The Root Beer Float is a mixture of root beer with its fuzziness and soft serve vanilla ice cream. The combination of these two beverages provides a deeply refreshing beverage with a cooling effect, it goes well with most of the fries and edibles sold at McDonald’s. 

However, it is important to note that the Root Beer Float is only available at limited locations. You may not find the Root Beer Float in many McDonald’s outlets. Outlets where you would not find the beverage are more than those where you would. 

Did McDonald’s stop selling Root Beer?

Some McDonald’s outlets, especially McDonald’s UK stopped selling root beer at some point. The reason for stopping, according to the brand’s websiteOpens in a new tab., is that the beverage did not prove popular with the customers in the UK. 

The decision to stop selling root beer at McDonald’s outlets in the UK started in 1992 with the restriction of sales to certain locations. However, in 1993, the brand completely stopped selling the beverage. 

Does McDonald’s Still Have Root Beer?

McDonald’s still sells Root Beer in its US and Canada locations. You would also find that there is the Root Beer Float on the secret menu at these locations. However, you may not find the beverage on offer at other McDonald’s locations such as McDonald’s UK.  

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