Does McDonald’s Have Vegan Options in 2023? (Answered)

Plant-based meals and snack options are becoming increasingly prevalent all over the world. Because of veganism’s rising popularity, it makes sense for restaurants both fine dining and fast food alike to have vegan options.

Unfortunately, most items are not vegan-friendly at McDonald’s. We’ve compiled a list of the most common vegan options at the fast food chain.

Does McDonald’s Have Vegan Options?

McDonald’s does have vegan options in their menu as of 2023. Breads, salads, snacks and beverages are among the main vegan options that they offer. McDonald’s also have vegan choice of breakfast such as oatmeal and fruits.

You can get some apple slices at McDonald’s as a snack that will add a bit more substance to your meal. With a little creativity and a little modification, you can easily find a substantial meal to enjoy while keeping it vegan.

If you are using sauces and dressings with your vegan options, you’ll want to read the ingredients to ensure they don’t contain dairy or animal products. 

What food at McDonald’s is Vegan?

While there are currently no vegan sandwiches on the menu, there are a few items you can explore and modify to fit a vegan diet. These vegan selections can accommodate a variety of meals during the day from breakfast to dessert.

Fruit and Maple Oatmeal$1.99
Apple Slices $1.00
Southwest Salad (no chicken/cheese)$4.79
Side Salad$0.99
Slushies (Medium)$2.00
Orange Juice (Medium)$1.89
Baked Apple Pie$0.99

Fruit and Maple Oatmeal – This bowl of oatmeal is both filling and delicious. Usually this item is made with cream, but there are ways to make it vegan. You can ensure it is vegan by asking an employee to make it using water.

Apple Slices – this convenient and healthy side dish is a perfect light snack option. A bag of these fruit slices just contains 100% apple and no dairy or meat products.

Side Salad – While the side salad is a more basic option, it’s a great vegan alternative to the larger salads that contain meat and dairy. You can also explore the larger entree salads and request to have certain elements removed to customize your meal.

If you are using dressing there are several options that will be classified as vegan. You’ll want to go with oil and vinegar, balsamic, or the sesame ginger dressings.

Apple Pie – an item on the menu you might be surprised to find out is vegan is the baked apple pie from McDonald’s. This is the perfect rich dessert to indulge in after a good meal.

The apple pie will come with a warm, soft apple filling stuffed inside of a sweet and flaky crust. 

McDonald’s also features seasonal pies at times, but be sure to ask a team member or check the nutrition facts to ensure the ingredients are in fact vegan.

Beverages – there are quite a few options to choose from if you are thirsty and need a vegan drink. The slushies are a great option for something sweet and cold. There are three great flavors to choose from like blue raspberry, peach, or fruit punch.

You can also choose from two different juice options like apple and orange.

If you are needing a little pep in your step, try some freshly brewed coffee(with no dairy ingredients added) for some variety.

What Food at McDonald’s is Not Vegan?

The food that are not vegan at McDonald’s are burgers, fries, wraps, coffee drinks with dairy, and salads that include chicken or cheese, and ice cream desserts or shakes.

If you are stopping in before your morning commute, you need to find an alternative to the egg and meat breakfast sandwiches and opt for the fruit and maple oatmeal without cream in it.

More items from McDonald’s that are not vegan:

  • Burgers
  • French Fries
  • Wraps
  • Coffee with Dairy
  • Salad with Cheese
  • Ice Cream Deserts
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Hash Browns
  • Shakes
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Donut Sticks

What are McDonald’s Vegan Items Made of?

Many of the vegan entrees and snacks at McDonald’s are made of simple ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Most of the vegan options tend to be a bit lower in calories as well from this restaurant.

The common theme amongst these ingredients is that they are void of meat and dairy products.

What Other Fast-Food Restaurants Have Vegan Options?

Having a wide variety of foods to choose from including vegan selections is important for every restaurant. Some other fast-food establishments like Subway, Panera, Burger King, and even Wendy’s you can get creative with when it comes to your specific dietary needs.

What Can I Get at McDonald’s That’s Vegan?

If you are looking for some plant-based menu items at one of the most popular fast-food chains you are in luck. While their main staples like burgers or chicken might not be classified as vegan, there are many other things to enjoy.

If you have a sweet tooth you can grab a baked apple pie, some apple slices, or one of their refreshing slushies. Dinner can be accommodated too, check out salad options that do not include meat or dairy ingredients. 

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