Does Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay?

Papa John’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurant chains in the United States. They specialize in pizza and feature both carryout and delivery as part of their services. This means that like most restaurants that offer carryout or delivery, they have contactless payment using the phone or internet services.

Apply Pay is quite popular around the US, providing a fast form of payment that can be performed at locations that accept the service. This means that you can use Apple Pay at participating locations either online, at the store, or both. Given the popularity and size of the Papa John franchise, does it accept Apple Pay?

Does Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Papa John’s does not accept Apple Pay on their website nor at their franchise locations. This means that you cannot use Apple Pay to pay for food items purchased from Papa John’s, whether you order the items online or visit their location in your neighborhood.

However, there is one exception in which you can use Apple Pay.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Papa John’s Mobile App?

If you install the Papa John’s mobile app on your phone, then you can use Apple Pay to make the payment. This is the one exception to the rule of Papa John’s not accepting Apple Pay. Given how many people use smartphones, this is a considerable exception.

However, their website and their locations do not accept Apple Pay, so do not assume you can either order through their site or arrive at their location and use Apple Pay.

Keep in mind that there are exceptions which you can use Apple Pay indirectly to purchase items from Papa John’s. Such methods are listed below. What follows are some common questions associated with whether you can use Apple Pay at Papa John’s.

Can You Use Apple Pay at the Papa John’s Drive-Thru?

No, the store itself does not accept Apple Pay at all. Plus, relatively few Papa John’s have a drive-thru in the traditional sense. Many of them will have pickup windows that function for all intents and purposes like a drive-thru, but you have to order in advance instead of when you arrive. This means if you have installed the Papa John’s app, you can pay for the items and pick them up at the takeout window.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Papa John’s App Orders?

Absolutely you can. As indicated earlierOpens in a new tab., you can use Apple Pay on checkout with the Papa John’s app. You will need to download the Papa John’s app first. After creating your order, the checkout will offer a number of ways that you can pay. Select Apple Pay and follow the directions so you can pay through the app.

Why Doesn’t Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay?

As with most companies, the exact reasons why they do not accept Apple Pay is not known. However, it does accept Apple Pay through its mobile app. One reason may be that each Papa John’s location is individually owned. They are a franchise which means that each location has an owner who does not have to follow company guidelines such as offering specials, discounts, or services that may be nationally advertised.

This means that each location owner may not want to pay extra fees or to install devices that accept Apple Pay at their location. The same may be true of ordering online where the franchise owner may not want Apple Pay as a form of payment. The mobile app is the exception as it bypasses the store and website, allowing for payment that does not require the owner’s permission.

Did Papa John’s Ever Take Apple Pay Before?

The answer is no, there is no evidence that they have ever accepted Apple Pay at any of their locations. This does not rule out the possibility that some locations under franchise owners who wanted to accept Apple Pay managed to do so, but if they did there is no evidence of that to be found.

Does Papa John’s Have Any Plans to Take Apple Pay in the Future?

No, there are no current plans to have Apple Pay acceptedOpens in a new tab. on the website or at the individual locations. It seems that its use on Papa John’s mobile app will be the only method in which Apple Pay will be accepted at least directly as payment for items purchased at Papa John’s.

What Other Contactless Payment Does Papa John’s Accept?

Like most fast-food restaurants, Papa John’s does acceptOpens in a new tab. other forms of contactless payment online. This includes Visa and Mastercard in both credit and debit form. This also means that those who have a PayPal Mastercard may use that as a form of payment as well.

In addition, you can purchase a Papa John’s eGift Card using Apple Pay. This is an indirect way of making a payment because you are transferring the money from your Apple Pay to the eGift Card and then using it to pay Papa John’s.

Plus, if your bank account is directly linked to Apple Pay, you can download cash from your Apple Pay to the bank account and then pay Papa John’s using an approved debit card. The same works in reverse if you are using a credit or debit card to fund your Apple Pay, simply use that credit or debit card to pay for your food items at Papa John’s.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Papa John’s?

For those who use Apple Pay regularly to purchase items from a myriad of different stores, the answer is still no. You cannot use Apple Pay to directly purchase food items from the Papa John’s website or at their individual locations.

However, you can use Apple Pay in conjunction with Papa John’s mobile app to make payments. This is the one direct exception to the rule of Papa John’s not accepting Apple Pay. With no plans on accepting Apple Pay in the future, downloading the mobile app will be the only way to directly pay for pizza and other food items from Papa John’s using this method.

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