Does Popeyes have Vegan Options in 2022?

Nowadays, more and more people are shifting towards vegan/plant-based diet options. This is due to the rise in cruelty towards farms animals that are used for meat.

So, more and more people are taking it as an initiative to avoid meat-based products. Hence, it has become necessary for restaurants, popular food chains, and outlets to include vegan meals in their menu.

However, Popeyes does not have a dedicated vegan menu, but you can find some side-meals and some vegan beverages. So, let’s discuss in detail these vegan options.

Does Popeyes have Vegan Options?

Popeyes does have some vegan options for breakfast as well as lunch. These include Corn on the Cob (if cooked without butter), Baguette, Cajun Fries, Grits, Hashbrowns, and Applesauce. Vegan sauce options include BoldBQ and Cocktail. Also, make note of cross-contamination as some items like fries could be made in the same fryer as other chicken items.

If you are looking for other vegan options, you might want to try out the Po’Boy (It’s a sandwich). Provide clear instructions to the staff to not load it with chicken, seafood, or even sauce. You can ask them to add veggies and ad some vegan sauce, like the Cocktail, for added taste and spice.

Also, before using any sauce, make sure to read the ingredients and double-check for any dairy or animal products.

What Food at Popeyes is Vegan?

 While there’s not a lot of vegan options at Popeyes, however, you can order a sandwich with vegetables and vegan sauce or even a Baguette. However, these options are not enough to be considered as lunch options.

  • Po’Boy Sandwich-  $4.69
  • Corn on the Cob- $3.79 (Large)
  • Baguette- $1.99
  • Cajun Fries- $3.99(Large)
  • Grits- $2.99
  • Hashbrown- $1.99
  • Applesauce- $1.99

Po’Boy Sandwich- This is an extremely healthy option for breakfast. Moreover, if you are vegan, just ask them to load the sandwich with veggies and vegan sauce. It will turn out great. Moreover, Popeyes has a lot of vegan sauce options to choose from. So, you can customize this sandwich on the go.

Corn on the Cob- Another healthy snack with a sweet and salted taste. This would go best with baguettes or hashbrowns. For extra spice add a bit of BoldBQ sauce.

Baguette- Classic French bread made of lean dough. An excellent breakfast option if paired with applesauce or grits. Moreover, this is vegan!

Cajun Fries- Although these fries go well with chicken options, however, you can add it up with your vegan Po’Boy sandwich and some applesauce. Wouldn’t it be delicious?

Grits- This breakfast option is extremely light and healthy. This might be the reason for it to be the best option. Moreover, to add a bit of variety, order corn on the cob or a pair of baguettes.

Hashbrowns- A perfect option for vegan lovers. Add it up with Cajun fries and a Po’Boy sandwich to create the perfect meal.

Beverages- If you need drinks, Popeyes has plenty of vegan options. These include Coffee, Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Hawaiian punch to name a few.

What Food at Popeyes is not Vegan?

Well, if you have not yet converted to a vegan, and are still open for meat options (especially chicken), then eating at Popeyes is a must. You will get a lot of non-vegan items like chicken Po’Boy sandwiches, chicken nuggets, seafood, handcrafted chicken tenders, and signature crispy chicken.

Some items on the list include:

  • Cajun Rice
  • Cajun Fries
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Po’Boy Chicken Sandwich
  • Signature Crispy Chicken
  • Red Beans
  • Biscuits

What are Popeyes Vegan Items made of?

The vegan items are mainly made of plant-based products like potatoes (in Hashbrowns and Cajun fries), vegetables and vegan sauce (in Po’Boy sandwich), and lean dough (Baguette). These items are completely free from any meat or dairy products.

What other Fast Food Restaurants have Vegan Options?

If you specifically want to opt for vegan-based diets, then you can go for Subway, Wendy’s, or even Burger King. They have a dedicated vegan menu that is not limited to breakfast options.

For vegans, this is a great alternative as they can choose their favorite food items from their favorite outlets.

What can I get at Popeyes That’s Vegan?

So, if you are looking for plant-based food items at Popeyes, then I must say that you aren’t completely unlucky. All you need is to look at the menu and opt for vegan items other than the staple menu which includes chicken and burgers.

Some vegan items include a Po’Boy sandwich, hashbrowns, baguettes, Cajun fries, corn on a cob, and many more. While you can fill your stomach here at breakfast, doing so at lunch might be a great challenge.

This is due to the limited vegan items for lunch. All you can opt-in for might be a pair of sandwiches and some fries.

Also, look for Popeyes menu before you travel to the outlet. You can locate the nearest outlet through the Popeyes store locatorOpens in a new tab..

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