Does Popeyes use Real Chicken?

Popeyes is a Louisiana-based fast-food chain that specializes in fried chicken-based food items. The menu includes everything from chicken nuggets, crispy chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, signature fried chicken, and handcrafted tenders.

Since nowadays, people are getting extremely health-conscious, let’s find out if Popeyes provides fresh natural ingredients, and is it’s chicken even real?

Does Popeyes use Real Chicken in 2021?

Popeyes uses 100% real chickenOpens in a new tab. which is free from any additives, preservatives, and fillings. Moreover, they use organic and farm-fresh ingredients for toppings. Being a popular fast-food outlet, they know what their customer wants, which is why they take proper measure to provide organic items.

Another fascinating fact about Popeyes is that love organic chicken. This is why they prefer cage-free breeding of chickens. Also, they ensure that none of their chicken sources use sedatives or steroids while breeding to enhance output.

Now, many people have concerns about whether they use fillers in their chicken meat to make items cheaper. Let’s find out.

What does Popeyes put in their Chicken?

Popeyes uses 100% real and fresh chicken breast in all of its items. However, this excludes the nuggets as well as burgers that have bread options added to them. But the chicken used is untouched. Popeyes refrains from using extra preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and even MSG.

However, to flavor and season their chickens, they use their customized spice options called “Louisiana seasonings.” After marinating the chicken for 12-long hours, it is hand-battered and fried. Popeyes believe that this way the chicken remains fresh for long without losing its crucial flavors.

The next question which consumers will have is how does Popeyes keep a check on chicken breeding? Do they breed themselves? Well, let’s answer that next.

Does Popeyes raise their Chickens?

Popeyes does not raise their chicken, however, they completely ensure that the chickens they source are 100% natural and cruelty-free. Like other major chicken fast-food chains, Popeyes sources the majority of its chickens from Columbia Meat Distributors, which is based in South Carolina.

However, since they mainly deal in chicken items, so to fulfill their daily supply, they do need to source from other local suppliers as well.

Also, regarding the breed of chickens, the majority of them are bred in the United States. However, some are bred in Canada and even in Mexico.

Also, Popeyes takes pride in raising cage-free chickens. It ensures that they are organically bred without the use of steroids or other antibiotics.

However, some people still raise concerns about cruelty against these animals, so recently many have been shifting towards plant-based diets. So, does Popeyes have any?

Does Popeyes have Plant-Based Chicken?

Popeyes and plant-based options don’t go hand in hand. So, if you are looking for plant-based chicken options at Popeyes, I’m afraid you don’t have any. Chicken-free items include Corn on the Mob, Baguette, Grits, and Juices. Some people argue as to whether their Cajun fries and rice are plant-based, but no, they aren’t.

The Cajun fries, Cajun rice, red beans, and rice are fried in pig lard, so we can’t consider them as plant-based (completely).

However, in late 2021, Popeyes did announce the launch of their first plant-based chicken burger, but whether it’s available or not at all outlets is the real question.

Now, let’s answer the next-most popular query for health-enthusiasts, “Is the chicken at Popeyes highly processed?”

Is the Chicken at Popeyes Highly Processed?

Quality and Popeyes go hand in hand. Their main motto is to provide excellent quality chicken with minimal processing, preservatives, and flavors. So, Popeyes doesn’t process their chicken apart from the natural marination process of 12 hours. Hence, you need not worry a tiny bit about whether you should consider eating at Popeyes. Just go for it!

Also, the chicken breasts are handled until the marination and frying process. Moreover, due to huge demand, Popeyes never piles up its chicken stocks.

Popeyes chicken is never more than a day’s old so that customers can enjoy fresh chicken any day.

Another interesting fact is that Popeyes prepares its orders only on demand. It never pre-breads its chicken burgers or even nuggets.

Since we have cleared all your processing doubts, now let’s check whether it’s safe to consume Popeyes chicken items.

Is it Safe to Eat Popeyes Chicken?

As far as safety goes, Popeyes products are extremely safe and organic. They update their chicken stock daily and, they opt for farm-fresh toppings in burgers and other items. Also, the chicken they use is minimally processed with seasonings and natural ingredients. So, it’s safe to eat Popeyes chicken.

However, since Popeyes is a fast-food chain, and it provides fried-chicken options, so frequent eating could pose health issues.

Also, if you are health conscious, but still do not want to lose out on their tasty chicken options, consider checking calorie count and ingredients before ordering an item.

This will help you maintain your health goals as well as satisfy your taste buds.

Does Popeyes use Fake Chicken?

Popeyes uses 100% real and organic chicken. This helps them provide their customers with premium chicken items like nuggets, burgers, tenders, etc. Also, they source their chicken from organic sources where no harmful sedatives are applied.

The quality-control of Popeyes is just amazing. They use minimal processing and yet provide tasty crispy chicken that can appetize your taste buds. So, there should be no doubt regarding whether they provide real chicken or not.

So, whenever you are hungry for quality fried-chicken options, remember, Popeyes should be your priority.

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