Does Subway have Salads?

Subway is well known for their sandwiches. One of the fastest growing fast-food franchises in the 21st century, Subway has built a strong reputation for creating tasty sandwiches fast and for a low price.

Add to this the relative ease in which new Subway stores can be set up, this has made the franchise one of the most popular in all the US.

In addition to sandwiches, Subway also offers salads as well. In fact, the salads are the sandwiches without the bread. The ingredients are placed in a bowl and prepared to your liking in the same manner as the sandwich.

Does Subway Have Salads in 2024?

You can find saladsOpens in a new tab. at virtually all Subway franchises across the US. Keep in mind that there may be individual stores that do not offer salads because the franchise owner may not have them available. All Subway stores offer salads as well as sandwiches and wraps. This means that your local Subway probably has salads for sale.

When did Subway Start Having Salads?

Subway as a whole started selling salads by the early to mid-2000s at most of their locations.

Subway began in 1965 as Pete’s Super Submarines located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. By 1968, the name had changed to Subway and the first franchise location opened in 1974 in Wallingford, Connecticut. The franchises started to expand across the United States and a decade later the first Subway was opened in the UK.

By the turn of the 21st century, Subway was the fastest growing franchise in the US. It was during that time when its menu started to include salads.

However, depending on the location it is possible that salads were introduced sometime earlier. Again, franchise owners have the power to add or subtract menu items.

What Type of Salads does Subway have?

The types of salads that Subway offers matches their sandwiches. In fact, all the salads offered by Subway are the same as the sandwiches that they provide on their menu.

This means that popular sandwiches such as the B.M.T., Spicy Italian, and Cold Cut Combo for example are all available as salads.

All you need to do is order the sandwich selection as a salad. This means that you get the equivalent of a foot-long sandwich without the bread which is served in a salad bowl.

Check the menu of your local Subway location to see what types of salads are available. If the sandwich version is being served, then the salad version should be available as well.  

How Much are Subway’s Salads?

Prices vary across all franchises, but salads are essentially $1.75 more expensive compared to the six-inch sandwich equivalent.

For example, if you order a B.M.T. as a salad, you will pay $1.75 more compared to six-inch version of that sandwich. The same is true for all salads that Subway offers.

Keep in mind that each franchise store may have a different price or limitation on what type of sandwich may be turned into a salad. For the most part, the prices are generally the same across all Subway locations along with the selections.

How Many Calories are in Subway’s Salads?

That depends on the salad that you choose. There is no single calorie count for any Subway salad. What can be said is that each Subway salad is the calorie equivalentOpens in a new tab. of a foot-long sandwich minus the bread, but with the type of salad dressing that you choose.

The number of calories that are provided by the bread will depend on the type of bread that you select. Most breads have between 150 to 220 calories, so you can subtract that from the salad.

If you do not add any salad dressing, then that is the total amount of calories in the salad. However, if you do add salad dressing, then this increases the calorie count up to 220.

It is possible depending on the salad dressing you choose to have the same number of calories as the six-inch sandwich version.

Did Subway Ever Stop Selling Salads?

Once Subway started selling the salads, they have not stopped. Salads have been a regular part of the Subway menu for at least a decade in most locations. This means that the company has offers salads across their franchises continually for that length of time.

However, and this bears repeated, each franchise location has its own menu and selection. This means it is possible, however unlikely, that a certain Subway location may not serve salads. This may be due to a lack of supply when it comes to salad bowls or some other reason.

But as of the time that this article was posted, virtually all Subway locations have never stopped serving salad since it was first introduced. This does not include temporary shortages of salad bowls which may have halted the sales of salads at a particular location for a brief time.

Does Subway Still Have Salads?

Subway offers a wide range of menu choices which still includes salads. This means that at most Subway locations, you can order a salad which is the same as the sandwich version. The salad does not include the bread as the ingredients are served into a plastic salad bowl.

This means that if you want salad versions of Subway’s sandwich menu, you can select them and pay $1.75 above the price of the six-inch version.

The calorie content of Subway salads are considerably less compared to the foot-long versions depending on the salad dressing that you select.

Subway offers a menuOpens in a new tab. complete with sandwiches, salads, protein bowls, and more. This means that you have a wide selection when it comes to the meals that Subway has to offer.

The Subway slogan “Eat Fresh” reflects the nature of their sandwiches and salads which are made from fresh ingredients. Salads have been a choice popular enough to remain on the Subway menu for at least the past decade and more.

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