Does Taco Bell Take EBT?

Taco Bell is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants that serves Mexican-based meals. From tacos to burritos and more, Taco Bell has become quite popular with the general public especially in the US.

This naturally leads to the question of whether Taco Bell accepts payment from Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards from those who qualify for the federal assistance program. 

Currently, RMP participating Taco Bell locations in California and Arizona will take EBT. RMP is known as Restaurant Meals Program and is an assistance program which allows you to use your EBT card at Taco Bell locations within the state.

Check to see if these restaurants accept EBT:

Why Does Taco Bell Not Accept EBT?

Based on how the EBT system works through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), then you cannot use your card at Taco Bell to purchase hot, prepared meals.

How Does EBT Work for Taco Bell?

Currently, the states in which Taco Bell accepts EBT cards from the RMP are California and Arizona. It is also true that Florida and Rhode Island have limited RMP. This means that they are not accepting EBTs at Taco Bells at this time.

Another exception is the TENF program. This is federal program that also uses the EBT card. For individuals who are part of TENF, you can withdraw cash with the EBT and then use the money for payment at Taco Bell. This is considered an exception for using such money at any location which accepts cash, including fast-food restaurants that do not except EBTs. 

Will Taco Bell Accept EBT in the Future?

The answer is not clear. That will depend on whether your state implements an RMP. Such programs when fully implemented will allow participants to use their EBTs at designated fast-food locations which may include Taco Bell. In general, the answer is no unless there are changes to either federal law that governs SNAP or to your state in terms of implementing an RMP. Under those circumstances, then Taco Bell may accept EBT cards at their locations assuming the franchise owner allows it to happen.

However, keep in mind that Taco Bell like most fast-food chains are franchises. This means that they are owned by individuals who have the right to not accept payments from EBTs even if the participant is part of the RMP.

Does Taco Bell Take EBT?

Taco Bell does not take EBT cards based on SNAP. All participants in SNAP cannot purchase hot, prepared meals from any restaurant. However, those who live in California and Arizona may purchase hot, prepared meals from Taco Bell at designated locations if they are part of RMP.

In addition, if you are part of TENF and receive payments through your EBT, you can download the money from an ATM and use the cash to pay at Taco Bell.

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