Does TGI Fridays Take Apple Pay?

TGI Fridays have been offering contactless payments since at least 2012Opens in a new tab., when they released their first mobile app, and this app came out with the option to add your credit card and pay via the app. Having a mobile app providing contactless payment in 2012 is pretty impressive, and TGI Fridays continue to be a forward-thinking company when it comes to technology.

Apple Pay is a highly convenient and secure payment option for customers who don’t want to carry their credit cards around or hand them over to restaurants to store. Your cards are entered and encrypted into your Apple Pay wallet, then using biometrics, you can pay anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted with an added layer of security.

Does TGI Fridays Take Apple Pay in 2023?

TGI Fridays does take Apple Pay via their mobile app. The app was introduced in 2012, and in 2018 Apple Pay was included as an option. TGI Fridays were one of the first restaurants to have a mobile app that could be used to pay for your food. So, it’s no wonder they continue to add features and options for their customers to be able to pick how they want to pay.

The mobile app can be used at your table, as well as for delivery, pickup in-store, and curbside delivery. So however you want your food, you can be assured that TGI Fridays has you covered.

You may be wondering how exactly you use Apple Pay at TGI Fridays.

How Do You Use Apple Pay At TGI Fridays?

Paying with Apple Pay at TGI Fridays is all done via its mobile app. If you are dining in the restaurant, you simply tell your server that you want to pay with Apple Pay; you’ll be given a code that can be used with the app to make payment and see all items on your bill. You have no need for a physical receipt or to hand anything over to the server.

If you want delivery or pick up, you place an order through the mobile app, and at checkout, you simply choose Apple Pay.

TGI Fridays accept Apple Pay, but does that include the Apple Watch?

Can You Use Apple Watch to Pay at TGI Fridays?

TGI Fridays does not officially support the Apple Watch. All Apple Pay payments are made via the mobile app, which is not available on Apple Watch.

Payment at TGI Fridays, if not done via the app, is with a mobile payment terminal at the table, which will be a tap-enabled payment terminal. There should be no reason you can’t use your Apple Watch on the physical payment terminal the same as a chip credit card; however, this is not guaranteed, and you will need to ensure you have alternate payment with you.

Now you may be wanting to confirm if pick up inside or at the curb allows Apple Pay.

Does TGI Fridays Take Apple Pay For App Orders?

You can order TGI Fridays through their mobile app, which accepts Apple Pay. This is the primary and supported method for using Apple Pay. Using this method, you can pay at your table or have your order ready for pick up in-store or at the curbside. The mobile app can also be used for delivery with Apple Pay as a payment option.

Simply place your order through the mobile app and use Apple Pay as your payment method. It’s as simple as that.

If TGI Fridays delivery doesn’t cover your location, you may want to know if any delivery services accept Apple Pay.

Can You Pay For TGI Fridays Orders with Apple Pay On Delivery Services?

TGI Fridays are partnered with a large number of delivery services, most of which accept Apple Pay. Depending on your location or which delivery service you prefer, you can take your pick.

Delivery services that provide delivery of TGI Fridays are GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates.

With all of these options, you may also be wondering what other contactless payment options TGI Fridays accepts.

What Other Contactless Payment Does TGI Fridays Take?

TGI Fridays only offer contactless payment via their mobile app, their website, and on their physical tap-enabled payment terminals.

Your options for each of these are credit and debit cards, gift cards, or on the iOS mobile app you can use Apple Pay.

TGI Fridays do not officially accept other types of digital wallets such as Google Pay. However, if your payment option can be tapped against a tap-enabled payment terminal, you may have luck; however, that is not guaranteed.

TGI Fridays have been a long-time supporter of contactless payments and mobile apps. So you may be wondering what other restaurants similar to TGI Fridays also accept Apple Pay.

Which Other Restaurants Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is fast becoming the preferred option for many people. Restaurants that don’t offer it or other payment options outside the traditional methods may lose customers. Listed below are several restaurants similar to TGI Fridays that are keeping up with technology and offering Apple Pay as a payment method.

  • Chilis have a slightly different approach to contactless payments. They provide a pay-at-table device that lets you order and pay with Apple Pay. Because this is a physical payment terminal, your Apple watch will work at Chilis.
  • Olive Garden provides a similar dining experience to TGI Fridays, and they provide pay-at-table devices like Chilis. These tables allow you to tap your Apple Pay device to make payment.
  • Outback Steakhouse is an excellent alternative to TGI Fridays. They provide Apple Pay support directly via their tap-enabled payment terminals. You can also scan a QR code to view the bill and pay via that method as well.

Can I Use Apple Pay At TGI Fridays?

You can pay your bill at TGI Fridays with Apple Pay. You can pay at the table, order and pick up, or even order delivery using their mobile app. Your only option to use Apple Pay, though, is via the mobile app.

TGI Fridays made a specific decision that they did not want devices on tables like some other restaurants offer. Their reasoning for this is that they want customers to have a restaurant experience and not fully automate everything and just have servers quietly place food on the table for them.

The downside is that TGI Fridays only support one payment method outside traditional payment options and do not allow you to use your Apple Watch. So Apple Pay is currently the only alternate payment method they support and only through their mobile app.

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