How much does Popeyes Pay?

As of the current date, Popeyes has more than 3500+ branches worldwide with access to premium locations like Colombia and Puerto Rica. Moreover, out of the 46 state-located outlets, 30 are owned by the company.

According to the Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA), an average employee in the restaurant business earns a minimum hourly wage of $7.25. So, if you are searching for a job in the restaurant business space, and are looking for work at Popeyes, then be sure to read this article. We have covered in detail about pay-outs at Popeyes.

How much do Popeyes Workers make?

If you are a restaurant manager at Popeyes, you would get average pay of $15.57 per hour. Moreover, an average crew member is entitled to a payment of $11.19 per hour. Also, the restaurant staff at Popeyes earns around $11.15 per hour.

Also, the average salary ranges from $9.67/hour (for a cashier job) to $15.57/hours (as a restaurant manager). Employees are also entitled to additional benefits such as:

  • Discounts
  • Bonus payments
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Timely Pay-outs &
  • Retirement Plan Benefits
Employee RoleLowest ($)Highest ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
Restaurant Manager13.0817.4615.57
Crew Member9.0912.6811.19
Restaurant Staff9.1312.0011.15
Shift Manager10.3215.0012.99

So, looking at the table above, we can get a brief idea of the average salary of a Popeyes employee. Now, in the next section, let’s have a detailed look at almost every job position at Popeyes.

Popeyes Pay by Position

An average Popeyes restaurant manager gets $15.57/hour, whereas a cook gets a salary of $11.19/hour. Moreover, if you are looking for other jobs roles such as a shift manager or a general manager, you will be entitled to a salary of $12.99/hours and $13.43/hour respectively. Below we have mentioned the average pay/hour according to some popular job positions.

Employee RoleNational Average ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
Restaurant Manager27.0015.57
Crew Member12.8211.19
Restaurant Staff12.6711.15
Shift Manager13.7912.99
Shift Leader14.0513.04
General Manager20.0013.43
Assistant Store Manager15.0813.17
Customer Service12.3811.50
Call Centre Executive13.5012.50

So, we can see that the average pay/hour at any given position is lower than the national average. Now, you might be wondering what is the highest paying job position? Let’s see.

What is Popeyes highest Paying Job Position?

The highest paying job at a Popeyes restaurant is that of a Supervisor. The average pay/hour is $10.10. Also, the average annual salary is $28,000. However, this is not the final figure as there are incentives, bonuses, and discounts. So, this figure can reach anywhere between $28,000-35,000.

At corporate level positions like technical lead or project associate manager positions, the salary ranges from around $60,000-80,000. Moreover, they get extra benefits and bonuses.

Also, the salaries at different positions may vary from state to state. So, next, let’s look at how pay-outs vary from state to state.

Popeyes Pay by State

Since the cost of living varies greatly from area to area, hence we can vary pay-outs of Popeyes employees. These factors add in regardless of the company. So, below we have mentioned the average hourly wage and the minimum wage in a specific state.

StateMinimum Wage State-wise ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
San Antonio12.6810.04
Las Vegas11.259.62
New York12.0814.58

So, as we can see, that the average salary/hour varies largely from state to state. Moreover, in some states like New York and Brooklyn, the salary is higher than the minimum wage in that state. Also, all data is taken from

How Often do Popeyes Employees get Paid?

Popeyes employees get their pay-outs bi-weekly, usually on Fridays. However, recent reports on state that they are sometimes late on payments. Also, in some states like Memphis, employees do get a weekly pay-out, but the majority of outlets follow a bi-weekly schedule. Moreover, payments get directly deposited into the employee’s bank account.

Now, you might be wondering about bonus schemes at Popeyes. Well, let’s look into that in the next section.

Do Popeyes Employees Get Bonus?

A fast-food manager at Popeyes, earns an average bonus of $300, whereas a restaurant manager $650 and a general manager get about $2,000. However, for other positions, it can vary depending on the work, the outlet, and even the state.

Apart from bonuses, Popeyes employees are entitled to certain benefits which we will cover in the next section.

What Benefits do Popeyes Employees Get?

Popeyes offers all employees basic benefits such as proper health insurance and a 401k. Moreover, their benefits can be comparable to industry giants. Some of its benefits are listed below.

  • A 401k helps employees have retirement savings
  • Flexible working hours with recess time in between
  • Paid sick leaves and paid travel/vacation
  • Free food on duty and discounts on other food items
  • Proper medical insurance for all employees

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