Top Beverage & Snack Chains in 2022

Coffee is brewed from the seeds and the coffee plant. It is one of the most widely used beverages in the world. According to the dictionary, the term “to drink” refers to a liquid that’s taken into the mouth, while the word “to eat” refers to a substance that’s consumed through the mouth.

A liquid to drink, usually excluding water. It can include coffee, tea, liquor, beer, or soft drink. In 2018, bottled water was the most consumed type of beverage in the US.

Below are the biggest beverage and snack chains:

NameLocationsOriginal locationYear
Starbucks28,218Seattle, Washington1971
Dunkin’ Donuts10,858Quincy, Massachusetts1950
Orange Julius5,700Los Angeles, California1926
Tim Hortons4,846Hamilton, Ontario, Canada1964
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf1,000Los Angeles, California1963
Gloria Jean’s Coffees1,000Long Grove, Illinois1979
Smoothie King950Kenner, Louisiana1973
Jamba Juice864San Luis Obispo, California1990
Tropical Smoothie Cafe700Destin, Florida1997
Caribou Coffee603Edina, Minnesota1992
Dutch Bros. Coffee328Grants Pass, Oregon1992
Biggby Coffee235East Lansing, Michigan1995
Peet’s Coffee200Berkeley, California1966
Coffee Beanery120Dearborn, Michigan1976
Planet Smoothie100Atlanta, Georgia1995
Robeks91Los Angeles, California1996
Juice It Up!85Brea, California1995
Black Rock Coffee Bar79Portland, Oregon2008
Dunn Brothers Coffee74Saint Paul, Minnesota1987
Philz Coffee57San Francisco, California2002
Argo Tea41Chicago, Illinois2003
Gregorys Coffee31New York, New York2006
Heine Brothers’17Louisville, Kentucky1994
Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea16Chicago, Illinois1995
Seattle’s Best CoffeeSeattle, Washington1970


  • Starting Year: 1971
  • Founder: Gordon Bowker
  • Founded: Seattle, Washington
  • Locations: 28,218

Starbucks is the world’s most famous coffee chain. Aside from selling coffee, the company also supplies coffee beans to many establishments.

Starbucks coffee drinks are often strong but with a burnt and bitter taste. This is not the case with most coffee brands, as they should taste good and smooth.

Starbucks’ first market is the US, with around 15,000 stores. China is the second market that the company is targeting to reach 6,000 stores in the next couple of years.

Why is Starbucks logo a mermaid?

The double-tailed mermaid is a nod to an Italian medieval character known as Norse. The concept of Starbucks was so successful because it allowed people to experience the coffee shops without being confined to their homes. It changed how people thought about coffee shops.

What’s the most expensive Starbucks drink?

They are very picky about the locations they place their coffee shops in. They want to make sure that they have enough people to serve the customers. William Lewis, a Florida man, spent $83.75 on a Starbucks grande coffee Wednesday, which contained 99 shots of espresso and 17 pumps of milk.

Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Starting Year: 1950
  • Founder: William Rosenberg
  • Founded: Quincy, Massachusetts
  • Locations: 10,858

A 2014 study revealed that New York is the home to the most number of Dunkin’ Donuts locations. As of 2013, there are more than 1,300 locations in the state. The doughnut was good, but it was not memorable. Aside from its size, the other things that made it stand out were its lack of flavor and how it went stale.

How to Get Free Dunkin Donuts

On your birthday, get a free beverage from Dunkin’ Donuts when you spend $1 at their store. You’ll also earn points for every $1 spent. On National Donut Day, May 7, 2014, participating restaurants will give guests a free classic donut with the purchase of any beverage.

Is Dunkin Donuts giving free donuts to seniors?

For years, members of AARP were able to receive a free donut when they buy a large coffee or an extra-large coffee at participating restaurants. However, as of 2018, the partnership between the two organizations ended. You can also earn points for every $1 you spend at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Orange Julius

  • Starting Year: 1926
  • Founder: Julius Freed
  • Founded: Los Angeles, California
  • Locations: 5,700

An Orange Julius is a combination of frozen orange juice, ice, and milk. It’s a bit sweet and frothy, and it tastes just like a Creamsicle. The Julius Orange Premium Fruit Smoothies feature real fruit and low-fat dairy. They are made with fruit and are blended fresh for customers.

Dairy Queen purchased the Orange Julius chain in 1987. Over the years, the chain’s locations started offering the drink in various locations. Julius Freed was a guy who really liked oranges.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • Starting Year: 1963
  • Founder: Herbert Hyman
  • Founded: Los Angeles, California
  • Locations: 1,000+

In a statement, the company said that it had decided to close several of its stores in Arizona and California due to the “difficult decision.” Four of their most popular beverages are now available in a Lightened variety. These include their signature vanilla latte, as well as their other favorites such as the iced coffee and the mango cold brew tea.

Jay Isais, their master coffee maker, only selects the finest araba beans from around the world. This ensures that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® delivers the highest quality coffee.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

  • Starting Year: 1979
  • Founder: Gloria Jean Kvetko
  • Founded: Long Grove, Illinois
  • Locations: 1,000

Gloria Jean’s Coffees will be focusing on its home base in Chicago after a trip around the globe. Although Gloria Jean’s K-Cups are good, they should be brewed on the 7-8oz size. This is not strong coffee, but it is good enough to drink.

The first Gloria Jean’s Cafe was opened in 1979 in a small town outside of Chicago. It was the passion of Gloria Jean Kvetko, who was a mum from Chicago. The rights to Gloria Jean’s in North America were sold to a subsidiary of Australia’s Diedrich Coffee. In 2013, the rights were purchased by Yellow Pages Singapore.

Over 90 local franchisees of Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Sonic Drive-In have decided to close their businesses due to the unstable trading conditions that have caused them to temporarily close their doors. Currently, Gloria Jean has 52 stores in the US. In October 2021, it will expand its operations with the opening of four new stores. The main component of coffee is caffeine. It contains various compounds and proteins.

Smoothie King

  • Starting Year: 1973
  • Founder: Steve Kuhnau
  • Founded: Kenner, Louisiana
  • Locations: 950

Are Smoothie King drinks healthy?

Although it’s not the healthiest place to eat, Smoothie King is a great place to indulge once in a while. There are some low-calorie options that will make up for the sugar content. On any Friday, Smoothie King will give customers a free 32 oz. smoothie. They can also get a meal deal for $6.

Is Smoothie King a meal replacement?

The re-launch of Smoothie King’s Slim-N-TrimTM line is a great way to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It features a variety of healthy smoothies that are made with protein and nutrients.

Are smoothies good for weight loss?

Fruit smoothies are often criticized due to their high sugar content. However, they are also part of a balanced diet and can help lower blood sugar levels. Meal replacements such as protein-rich fruit and vegetable shakes are commonly used as part of a healthy weight loss program. They can be quickly and easily replaced with a low-fat breakfast.

Does Smoothie King put sugar in their smoothies?

With the launch of its 2019 New Year’s resolutions program, Smoothie King is helping guests reach their goals by swapping one meal a day for a healthy meal smoothie. With their mixes, you’ll get the nutrients of fruits and zero added sugars, and they’ll also help keep you feeling good.

Jamba Juice

  • Starting Year: 1990
  • Founder: Kirk Perron
  • Founded: San Luis Obispo, California
  • Locations: 864

Jamba Juice’s fruit and juice concentrate costs are very expensive to make. This makes their profit margins thin. Only the very popular locations can turn a profit. The Starbucks chain operated in Hawaii through a licensing agreement with a local ownership group. The group plans to open a new restaurant this summer.

Jamba Juice is a healthy place to eat, with a variety of fruit and vegetable-based juices and smoothies. However, some of its offerings are high in carbohydrates. Jamba Juice’s fruit-based drinks are great for you and are lower in fat than Starbucks’ Frappuccinos. They also contain nutrients that are known to boost energy levels.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

  • Starting Year: 1997
  • Founder: Eric Jenrich
  • Founded: Destin, Florida
  • Locations: 700

Are Tropical Cafe smoothies healthy?

Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers a variety of smoothies that are sure to satisfy any taste. They also have added supplements that are added to each smoothie.

Tropical Smoothie is a food that’s made to make you feel good while eating. It’s a great way to get that feeling after eating a meal. If you’re looking for a healthy smoothie, then make sure that the chain serves one that doesn’t contain added sugar or Turbinado.

Since they contain the most nutrients of any food, smoothies are considered to be some of the healthiest options. They’re also low in fat and are made with the simplest ingredients.

Caribou Coffee

  • Starting Year: 1992
  • Founder: John Puckett
  • Founded: Edina, Minnesota
  • Locations: 603

Like Starbucks, Caribou also offers non-caffeine beverages such as juice, frozen custard, and green tea. They’re also known for their coffee. As it focuses on its home market of Minnesota, the coffee company is closing about 160 stores across the country. Many of the locations that will be rebranded as Peet’s coffee & tea will be located in Illinois.

In total, the company plans to close 80 locations. It will then convert almost 90 of those to Peet’s coffee shops. The closures will affect about 9,000 employees. The pomegranate acai tea in their drink comes from real fruits, and it’s blended with honey and coconut milk for a more authentic taste.

Guittard’s all natural, kosher, and gluten-free chocolate is now used in all Caribou coffee mocha and chocolate beverages. Yes, you will still receive a free beverage once you reach 140 points. However, now that you have more points, it will be on any beverage that you like and can be used up to 7 days.

Dutch Bros. Coffee

  • Starting Year: 1992
  • Founder: Travis Boersma
  • Founded: Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Locations: 328

Dutch Bros. is known for its quality. They’re known for their friendly and professional staff members. Although they mainly sell coffee, they also offer various other drinks such as frozen fruit, Italian sodas, and tea. They also have a variety of flavors to choose from.

The Dutch Bros Cold Brew coffee is made from a three-bean blend and water. It features no added sweeteners and is nitrogen-infused. Pour espresso, a splash of chocolate milk, and vanilla into a mixing bowl, stir well, and add ice, stir well.

The staff at Dutch Bros is always friendly and accommodating. Their coffee is great and they make new drinks that are always satisfying. Most of the time, people who come to Dutch Bros. enjoy the interaction with the baristas, said co-owner Joe Wight.

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