Does Baskin-Robbins Have A Rewards Program

To uphold brand trust, restaurants initiated rewards programs that make customers visit often and purchase more. By providing special offers and deals, stores offer unique services for each customer.

Baskin-Robbins is a popular American multinational ice cream chain with over 6500 outlets across the world. As you know their premium ice cream flavors make them unique. 

Do they give any special perks like rewards program options for customer engagement? Keep reading the article to know the answer. 

Does Baskin-Robbins Have A Rewards Program?

Baskin Robbins launched a loyalty program Birthday Club. Anyone above 13 years can join and a free reward of a regular scoop will be granted upon signing up. They periodically offer limited-time seasonal deals, monthly offers, and special event coupons for in-app purchases.

Birthday Club rewards are available at selected participating restaurants. To enroll as a member, account registration is required. 

Anyone above 13 years can create an account by providing their valid details including your birth date through baskinrobbins.comOpens in a new tab. or Baskin Robbins app. 

After signing upOpens in a new tab., you will be automatically enrolled as a member and rewarded a free Regular Scoop of ice cream as a bonus gift.

How Does Birthday Club Work?

After joining the Birthday Club on the website or app, a birthday coupon will be sent to you through email. You can redeem for a free 2.5 oz choice of scoop or a swirl of soft-serve by showing the coupon at your nearest participating store location. It is valid for 1 month.

A Birthday Club member should have only one account at a time. But your family members and children can join the club. You can add them to your account.

A total number of 4 members can be added and the primary account holder will receive birthday coupons for the whole family members.

You can even remove a family member from the account easily by selecting the “Family Member” button and clicking the “Remove” button.

Learn more: Baskin-Robbins FAQOpens in a new tab.

What Are the Perks Of Baskin Robbins Birthday Club?

The registered members can get a free reward on their birthday with an email coupon valid for 1 month. The added members can also benefit from birthday coupons that can be redeemed through in-store pick-up.

  • Anyone who joins will be rewarded a free scoop of ice cream.
  • A birthday deal of free regular scoop or swirl of soft-serve is available.
  • 4 family members can be added to the account.
  • The members get additional promotion deals and offers throughout the year.
  • Seasonal deals like New GingerBread House Icecream is available as of December’s flavor of the month.
  • A free Icecream Cake is offered for guests on Black Friday.
  • Cyber Monday deal of 20% discount for any online cake order with code “HOLIDAY”.

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What Can I Get With Baskin Robbins Birthday Club?

After joining the Birthday Club, you will get a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday and can access additional deals throughout the year. On the “Deals” section of the app, you will get regular updates of the latest weekly, monthly deals, and limited-time offers that can be redeemed through online orders.

Sign-Up BonusA Regular Scoop of IcecreamFree
BirthdayA regular Scoop or A Swirl of Soft-ServeFree

The annual rewards are the most popular offers in Baskin Robbins that include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, NewYear, National Icecream Day. Additionally, the flavor of the month deals is available at participating stores.

GingerBread House IcecreamDecember FlavorNot revealed
Snickerdoodle Chai Icecream November Flavor$3.50
Winter White Chocolate Christmas$2.75
Turkey CakeThanksgiving$49.99
Trick Oreo Treat or Zombie Unicorn Icecream CakeHalloween$35
The Snowman Icecream Cake Christmas$39.99

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How Much Does Baskin Robbins Birthday Club Coupon Worth?

Birthday Club is worth it for regular customers as they can benefit from free rewards right after signing up. The club is open to the whole family members of the account holder as 4 members can be added to the account and get birthday coupons and deals.

However, the coupons cannot be redeemed for delivery purchasesOpens in a new tab. or other gift cardsOpens in a new tab.. The delivery order is available for certain deals like Flavor of The Month, Promotion, and Seasonal Deals, for example, Gingerbread House Icecream, Zombie Unicorn Icecream Cake.

How Can I Redeem Baskin Robbins Birthday Club Coupons?

You will get a birthday coupon through email and when you visit the participating store outlet present your birthday coupon at the counter to get the free birthday reward. 

The sign-up bonus gift of the free scoop will be activated within 24 hours after signing up and is valid for 30 days.

The Birthday Club coupon is valid throughout your birthday month. You will get notified before a month of your birthday and the coupon will be sent through the app.

Is Baskin Robbins Birthday Club Worth It?

Baskin Robbins Birthday Club program is worth it for joining as the guests receive rewards for signing up. The birthday coupons are available for the account holder and the other family members. You can gain access to deals and exclusive offers throughout the year. 

To get the birthday treat, deals, and limited-time offer conveniently, it is advisable to ensure or check on your nearest participating locationsOpens in a new tab. beforehand by calling the customer service.

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