Does Carl’s Jr. Have A Rewards Program

Rewards Program emerged as an inevitable part of several major restaurant chains. To reward customers with personalized offers drive them to purchase often and boost business growth.

Carl’s Jr. is an American fast-food chain with over 3500 outlets worldwide. As they are known for their classic burgers and other delicacies, do they have a rewards program? 

To know the answer in detail, keep reading.

Does Carl’s Jr. Have A Rewards Program? 

Carl’s Jr. does not offer a traditional rewards program, but anyone who creates an account will be granted free food and drink as a bonus gift. They offer coupons and deals through email, and free daily perks including sandwiches, fries, beverages are provided for members.

Anyone above 16 years can register for the membership. To enroll as a member, you need to visit carlsjr.comOpens in a new tab. or Carl’s Jr. appOpens in a new tab. and provide a valid email ID, birthdate, zip code, and click “Submit”.

After signing upOpens in a new tab., when you order a Western Bacon Cheeseburger, you will get free small fries and a small drink as a bonus gift. 

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How Does Carl’s Membership Work?

If you are a Carl’s Jr. member, you will get the latest deals and offers through email notification or app. You need to show the email deal or coupon code at the register during check-out and the offer will be added to the orderOpens in a new tab.

Most of the Carl Jr. locations provide deals to the members. Senior members above 55 years old and military officers get a 10% discount for their purchases.

To save your money and get exclusive benefits, all you have to do is get updated on the latest deals on the app or email and check whether your nearest location chain provides offers.

What Are The Perks Of Carl’s Membership?

Carl’s membership gives customers access to more offers, weekly deals, and purchase low-cost meals. The email or app notification helps to know the deals of discounted menu items. 

You can also check on local mail ads for paper coupons as well. 

  • Anyone above 16 years can join the Carl Jr. membership.
  • Free fries and drink for a Western Bacon Cheeseburger order as a bonus gift.
  • Bulk orderOpens in a new tab. is allowed.
  • Availability of gift cardOpens in a new tab. purchase.
  • A new offer of Family Bundle menu meal.
  • Senior member and military discount of 10 % off for every purchase.
  • Daily coupons.
  • Free food on special events.

What Can I Get With Carl’s Jr. Membership?

With the membership of Carl’s Jr., you can enjoy free and discounted food items on every purchase. To get the coupon benefits, you need to provide the given coupon code that will be added at check-out. 

Limited-time deals, cashback offers, special event deals are regularly updated through the mail or app.

All-Star Meal Deal$5
Any $2 above purchase$2 bonus
Beyond Famous Star BurgerOpens in a new tab.$6.29
Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich$4.49
Charbroiled Chicken Salad$4.99
Chorizo BurritoBuy One Get One
Cheeseburger (Value Menu)$1.79
Desserts (Value Menu) $0.99

When you fill out the survey link provided on your receipt, you can claim a BOGO deal to get a free burger or sandwich.

Additionally, Carl’ Jr. offers annual rewards like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving deals. The latest Christmas deal has a free Cinnamon Rolls coupon available.

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How Much Does Carl’s Jr. Membership Worth?

Carl’s Jr. membership is worth joining as it is free to register for everyone. The registered members get the benefit from the first order by a free food reward.

There are combo deals that include breakfast, Chicken, Burger combos that you can apply the coupons for and get discounts.

Breakfast Burger Combo$8.73
Loaded Breakfast Burrito Combo$7.12
Big Carl Combo$8.96
⅓ lb Guacamole Bacon Thickburger $11.03
9 Pc. Chicken Stars Combo$8.61
Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich$9.65
Steak and Egg BurritoOpens in a new tab.$6.08
Monster Biscuit Combo$6.77

How Can I Redeem Carl’s Jr.’s Rewards?

Carl Jr’s rewards or offers can be used at the in-restaurant during check out. To redeem the coupons you need to provide a coupon code at the register. The discounts vary on different items and the limited-time deals will expire in a few days.

To redeem a deal in the restaurant, you need to print the voucher and present it at the counter during check-out.

A cashback of 20% is offered for the first purchase and 10% cashback is available for additional purchases. The cashback will be credited to your card within a few days.

Does Carl’s Jr. Still Have A Membership in [Year]?

Carl’s Jr. continues to provide membership for everyone and offers benefits for the members. It gives access to purchase different menu items for a low cost. The regular customers and families get the full benefit of free food and beveragesOpens in a new tab..

Most of the Carl Jr. locations offer budget-friendly meal deals for just $5. All you need to make sure check the current deals and offers available at your nearest restaurant chainOpens in a new tab..

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