Does Chipotle Have A Rewards Program

Providing loyalty points and personalized offers to customers who spend their money is an effective tactic for restaurants and other business establishments. It drives purchasers to come back and purchase more. 

Chipotle is an American restaurant chain that specializes in serving Mexican-inspired food. Being founded in 1993, Chipotle has over 2700 outlets worldwide till now.

As they gained customers with their unique flavors, let us see if they offer any rewards program to attract more customers.

Does Chipotle Have A Rewards Program? 

Chipotle rolled out their digital loyalty program Chipotle Rewards in March 2019. Anyone above 13 years can register and get a free reward for signing up. You can earn 10 points per $1 spent in exchange for free food, beverage, and Chipotle merchandise.

To enroll as a member, you need to create an accountOpens in a new tab. and provide your valid details by visiting chipotle.comOpens in a new tab. or downloading the Chipotle appOpens in a new tab.. After Sign-up you will be automatically enrolled as a Chipotle Rewards member. 

After placing an online order of $5 or more, you will be rewarded free Chips and Guacamole as a bonus gift. You can replace Guacamole with Queso Blanco or Salsa as a combo for Chips.

This welcome reward will be dropped in your “My Rewards” wallet within 24-48 hours.

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How Chipotle Rewards Does Work?

Chipotle Rewards members can earn 10 points per dollar through in-store, online, or in-app purchases in participating restaurants. Your points will be added to your account after each online purchase. Minimum order of $5 is required for the first purchase to earn points.

To collect points at the restaurant, you need to provide your order receipt and submit a point request online. There is no limit to earning points and up to three transactions for multiple orders are permitted per day.

The bonus points can be collected by participating in challenges like Extras and receiving achievement badges. After completing each Extras, new badges will be unlocked. You can find the offers in the “Extras” section of your account.

Online or in-store catering orders and gift cardOpens in a new tab. payments are also eligible to earn points. Chipotle merchandise is offered to those who collect more than 8000points and to redeem it, you need to use the given promo code at

You can even make donations using your points through the Rewards Exchange section on the app and select a non-profit organization. The donation of $1 will be deducted from your account.

Learn more: Chipotle RewardsOpens in a new tab.

What Are The Perks Of Chipotle Rewards?

The guests can enjoy free Chips and Guacamole on their first order and start collecting points on every eligible online or in-store purchase by scanning your member card. The points can be redeemed for free food like Chipotle, Quesadilla, drinks, and Chipotle Goods. 

  • Chipotle Rewards is open to everyone above 13 years old.
  • On your first purchase, you get free Chips and Guacamole.
  • Use the points to buy Chipotle apparel through chipotlegoods.comOpens in a new tab.
  • Make non-profit donations with Chipotle points.
  • Earn bonus points by participating in the Extras challenge.
  • Catering orders qualify to accumulate points.
  • Limited-time deals like Buy One Get One Bogo EntreeOpens in a new tab..
  • Earn points for up to three transactions per day.
  • Gift card payment allows earning points.
  • No limitations to earning points.
  • A free birthday reward is offered to members.
  • Additional points can be earned on limited-time and special event deals.

Learn more: Chipotle Rewards FAQOpens in a new tab.

What Can I Get With Chipotle Rewards?

The accumulated points can be redeemed on the “Rewards Exchange” section and the corresponding reward item will be automatically added to your account. For in-store point redemption, you need to scan your member card and submit a point request.

Tortilla Chips250
Guacamole Side400
A Bottled Drink600
Kids’ Meal900
Burrito Bowl1250
$20 Chipotle Merchandise5000
$35 Chipotle Merchandise8750

Chipotle offers annual rewards on special days like Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Halloween, Birthday. On Veteran’s Day, members of the armed forces will be rewarded a Buy One Get One offer on selected menu items. 

The members get a birthday bonus of free Chips and Guacamole along with a $5 off for your purchase. It is valid throughout the birthday month.

You can earn extra points on promotion deals throughout the year in which they offer a “Switch It Up” deal for trying a different menu item.

Through bulk catering orders one can not only earn points but also get up to 25% discount for each person. 

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How Much Does Chipotle Rewards Point Worth?

Chipotle Reward Points are worth it for newly joined and existing members as they can earn points towards free food and get bonus points for taking part in challenges. Rewards can be exchanged for apparel, donations, and fundraisers for a cause.Opens in a new tab.

For example, Guac Mode is an exclusive benefit for members in which limited-time offers and deals will be available for eligible members announced through the app or online.

A promotion deal is available for sports lovers who can get discounts and free food for sports predictions. 

Low-Cost Kids Meal60 $6
High Protein BowlOpens in a new tab.120$12
3 Pc. Chicken Taco65$6.50
Vegetarian Bowl656.50
Salad(Steak)Opens in a new tab.75$7.50
Chips and Salsa10$1.95
Soda Large20$2.90

The latest promotion deals are listed below.

DealsPricePromo Code
$100 Catering OrderOpens in a new tab.$10 offHOLIDAY
One Entree Item$5BOORITTO

How Can I Redeem Chipotle Rewards?

To redeem collected points you need to visit or the Chipotle app and open Rewards Exchange in the My Rewards section. After adding the items to the cart, you need to scan the reward at the register for free food for online or pick-up ordersOpens in a new tab.

If you forget to scan your member card, you can submit a point request with the order receipt. To redeem Chipotle apparel, you can use a promo code that is received by e-mail and redeem on

However, you cannot get points for third-party deliveries and members are allowed to keep one account at a time.

To check the balance, follow these steps.

  • Open Chipotle app.
  • Click the left side person-like icon near Pick Up Or Delivery.
  • The current balance is displayed.
  • The corresponding reward food will be seen below the points. 

Chipotle Reward Points expire after six months if the account remains inactive. If you click the red bar below the points your point history will be shown so that you can track your points on the account.

Is Chipotle Rewards Worth It?

Chipotle Rewards is worth it for anyone who registers as they offer not only loyalty points but personalized deals and exclusive benefits for members. By participating in challenges, you can earn extra points and badges that help to unlock more rewards.

The members can enjoy annual rewards, low-cost meals, birthday rewards, bulk order discounts, extra point deal days like promotion deals, and redeem for free food, beverage, and apparel.

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