Does IHOP Take Apple Pay?

IHOP has been accepting contactless paymentsOpens in a new tab. since 2017 via its mobile app. They introduced this type of payment method when their major competitors, such as Denny’s, started offering their customers these options. So they were being reactive rather than specifically looking to introduce new technology to their customers.

Apple Pay is an extremely popular and secure method of contactless payment. It allows you to store debit and credit cards and never hand them over to a business. So, you know nobody will take a copy of your card and make fraudulent charges without your knowledge.

Now our question becomes, is Apple Pay part of IHOP’s contactless payment solution?

Does IHOP Take Apple Pay?

IHOP does not officially support Apple Pay, either in-store or on their mobile app. Their mobile app only lets you store debit or credit cards, and if you have a gift card, that can be added to their mobile app. So you are effectively handing over your card information to IHOP.

The IHOP website has no mention of Apple Pay. Some online sites like yelp suggest that IHOP accepts Apple Pay but do not provide any further information. There are even reviews stating they do; however, there is no information that backs this up.

The only way that Apple Pay could be a possibility at IHOP would be if the restaurant had a tap-enabled payment terminal, which is not guaranteed. So you would need to call ahead or bring alternative payment options.

So what payment methods are available for their curbside pick-up?

Can You Use Apple Pay at IHOP For Curbside Pick Up?

IHOP does offer curbside pick-up, and this is done via their website IHOP.comOpens in a new tab.. However, IHOP’s website orders can only be made using a credit card or gift card. Apple Pay is not an option, so there is no way to pay for curbside pick up with Apple Pay.

You may still be looking for an option to pay with Apple Pay, so can you pay via the app?

Can You Use Apple Pay on IHOP App Orders?

IHOP’s mobile app does not allow Apple Pay to be used. You can use credit, debit, or gift cards to pay via their app. This has not changed since 2017.

If you use a third-party app like a delivery service, you may have luck using Apple Pay. Delivery services such as Doordash, an official partner with IHOP, accept Apple Pay as a payment method, so that is one way that Apple Pay is a guaranteed option to buy from IHOP.

After looking at all the options, you may be getting frustrated and wondering why doesn’t IHOP take Apple Pay.

Why Doesn’t IHOP Take Apple Pay?

IHOP has absolutely no official comment on Apple Pay or other alternate payment options. They introduced their mobile app as a reactive response to competitors that were doing the same thing. This was back in 2017, and they have made no real changes to their payment options since then.

In press releases for their mobile app, they discuss that some customers did want contactless payment options, but many of their customers have been coming for 50 years, so they are used to how IHOP works and are happy to use cash or standard cards to make payments.

The likely answer is just that IHOP customers are not pushing for the option, and whoever is in charge of IHOP technology isn’t pushing to introduce anything new to the business.

With the mobile app introduction in 2017, you may wonder if that changed anything and if IHOP took Apple Pay before that.

Did IHOP Ever Take Apple Pay Before?

IHOP has never officially accepted Apple Pay as a payment method. They have never mentioned it, and they have never offered their customers anything other than standard payment methods.

Is it possible that IHOP might get with the times and offer Apple Pay as an option?

Does IHOP Have Any Plans To Take Apple Pay In The Future?

IHOP may offer Apple Pay in the future, but they are not a technology-forward company. They have no statements or press releases indicating that they plan to provide new payment technology soon. Thus, Apple Pay does not appear to be on their current road map.

IHOP is owned by Dine BrandsOpens in a new tab., which also owns Applebee’s. Applebee’s doesn’t accept Apple Pay either, so IHOP’s parent company doesn’t seem in a hurry to offer new payment technology either.

There is no real reason they can’t accept Apple Pay, and they may just not see a specific reason they need to accept Apple Pay.

With no Apple Pay, what are your contactless payment options at IHOP?

What Other Contactless Payments Does IHOP Take?

IHOP only officially supports contactless payment via their mobile app. IHOP’s mobile app only accepts your debit, credit, or gift card.

Your local IHOP restaurant may have a tap-enabled payment terminal, which would mean you could physically tap your credit/debit cards. Apple Pay could work as there is no specific hardware required outside of a tap-enabled terminal. If you’re relying on the payment terminal, you need to call ahead to confirm they have one.

If you’ve decided you won’t eat at IHOP due to a lack of Apple Pay options, then you may need to find some alternate options for your pancake needs.

Which Other Restaurants Take Apple Pay?

Many other restaurants are forward-thinking regarding new technology and keeping customers happy with whatever payment methods they want to use. While IHOP is not one of these companies, many of its competitors are. Listed below are some options that you could visit instead to get a breakfast fix:

  • The Original Pancake House: The Original Pancake House offers contactless payments and does include Apple Pay as an option via QR codes on your bill.

Can I Use Apple Pay At IHOP?

Apple Pay is not an option guaranteed to work at IHOP. The IHOP mobile app and website do not offer Apple Pay, so the only option you can try is directly at a tap-enabled payment terminal.

Because IHOP does not support Apple Pay, none of their restaurants are guaranteed to have tap-enabled payment terminals. So you must call the restaurant or take a chance and bring alternative payment to the restaurant if they don’t.

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