Does KFC Have A Rewards Program?

In this competitive world, marketing enterprises offer several benefits for customers to build customer loyalty. The rewards program of retailers and restaurant chains is a popular marketing strategy to increase customer satisfaction.

KFC is an American fast-food restaurant with over 25000 chains globally. To capture the fast-food market KFC provides familiar food with unique taste.

But are you curious to know whether KFC food chains participate in any rewards program? To learn more, continue reading.

Does KFC Have A Rewards Program? 

KFC launched a new loyalty program Colonel’s Club in March 2019. With a KFC Trinidad and Tobago app, anyone can earn 1 point for every $5 Trinidad and Tobago currency spent. Once you reach 160 points, you will receive a $20 reward that is added to your account. 

Colonel’s Club is a new loyalty program launched by KFC that replaces the old Colonel’s, Club Card. You will qualify for reward benefits if you become a member of the loyalty program. 

You can get access to the loyalty program by downloading the KFC Trinidad and Tobago app or sign-up through the website. By providing your email ID and contact detailsOpens in a new tab. you can create an account and start using the app right away.

As per Colonel’s Club’s terms and conditions, you should have only one account at a time and multiple accounts will be strictly banned from participating in the rewards program.

Your location needs to be added to your account to see the nearest KFC locationOpens in a new tab..

How Does KFC Colonel’s Club Work?

After the first in-app purchase, you will start earning points that will be added to your account. The existing members need to log in to the account and scan the bar code to get the reward. The reward will be deducted from your account balance. 

The new members can use the earned points for future purchases. Once you reach 160 point limit you will receive a $20 reward that can be redeemed.

There are exclusive deals and offers available on the KFC app through which you can get exclusive deals like free food and beverage.

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What Are the Perks Of KFC Colonel’s Club?

One of the main benefits of the Colonel’s Club app is that it is free to join the appOpens in a new tab. with easy steps. You can start using the app immediately so that you can earn points after your first purchase itself. 

Some of the perks of Colonel’s Club are as follows.

  • Anyone can start a Colonel’s Club accountOpens in a new tab. using the app at no cost.
  • You will earn points for every $5 spent on purchases.
  • You can enjoy birthday rewards like free food and beverages.
  • You can make five different transactions per day that help to earn maximum points in a single day.
  • The earned points can be redeemed by an easy way of Scan and Go.
  • You will receive coupons and promotions right after signing up.

The reward program of KFC varies depending on the country. Some countries allow multiple rewards to using at a time.

There are three levels of rewards such as Tier 3, 7, 11. When you reach any of these reward levels, you will be given a free KFC food item.

Level 3Sides and DrinksHot Wings, Popcorn Chicken, Fries, Regular Drink
Level 7SnacksSnack Box Popcorn Chicken, Regular Mini Fillet Burger
Level 11Any food type$6 off for any food item and beverage.

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What Can I Get with KFC Colonel’s Club?

Colonel’s Club members can redeem the earned points by purchasing menu itemsOpens in a new tab. with a deal through the app. You will get an email or push notification on the reward you received. With that reward points, you can enjoy the latest deals and offers.

The latest deal of free large fries is available when you make a $5 online purchase. The offer will be automatically added to your cart once you start the order and click the “Redeem” button. You can enjoy the free fries.

The birthday deals are offered in KFC as annual rewards where you can enjoy a free combo meal and drink on your birthday. 

You will receive a birthday notification in advance with a coupon code and an image of the food. Use the special coupon code online to get the birthday deal.

Additionally, on special days such as Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving customers get free food and meal deals. For Colonel’s Club guests, coupons and promotions are available every year.

However, it is convenient to call the restaurant chain beforehand or see the latest deals available in the app before making the order.

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How Much Does Colonel Club Points Worth?

KFC’s Colonel Club points are worth it for its members as the restaurant continues to provide offers for the customers. Even new members receive coupons after signing up. You can make five different transactions per day that result in collecting more points. 

Seasonal deals, birthday treat deals are available with a different menu item each time that drive the customers to purchase often.

For example, KFC has a $30 deal for a 10piece family feast. The items in the deal include,

  • 10 piece Chicken
  • 2 large sides of mashed potato.
  • A large coleslaw
  • 4 biscuit
  • 4 chocolate chip cookies
  • Half gallon beverage.

A fill-up meal is also offered in KFC at a low price. There are three options available, the main dish, a cookie, and a drink. The options may change from time to time so it is convenient to know the latest deals.

However, the collected points may expire after twelve months if it is not used. If you continue purchasing, the points can be redeemed anytime which will remain on your account.

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How Can I Redeem Colonel Club Points?

To redeem the earned points you need to follow an easy step. After you add the food item to the order, you need to scan the barcode displayed on your app. Your reward points will be deducted from your account balance. 

In the app, a reward button is displayed below the Colonel’s Club logo. You can see the available points when you tap the Rewards button. 

However, you need to make use of the reward points at the right time as the points can get expired after 12 months. 

Is KFC Colonel’s Club Worth It? 

KFC Colonel’s Club Rewards is undoubtedly worth it for the regular customers. Joining the Colonel’s Club loyalty Opens in a new tab.program saves you money and get delicious food and drinks free. Anyone can join the program using the Colonel’s Opens in a new tab.Club app and keep updated on the latest deals and offers.

Since the points can be redeemed for future purchases, you can enjoy your favorite food anytime. 

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