Does Subway Have A Rewards Program?

As a successful tactic, the rewards program of retail stores and food chain businesses gained popularity to make customers come back and purchase frequently. 

By providing special offers and deals, stores and restaurants can offer unique services for each customer. 

Subway is one of the largest food chains with more than 40,000 restaurant chains worldwide. Their budget-friendly menu items and daily deals make them unique from other restaurants.

But does Subway have a rewards program? Let’s see. 

Does Subway Have A Rewards Program? 

Subway launched a loyalty program “MyWay” in February 2018. By signing up with the Subway app, customers can earn 4 tokens for every dollar spent on food and beverage orders. Once you reach 200 tokens you will get a $2 reward voucher with a 90 days validity. $2 reward can be combined with other eligible offers.

MyWay replaces the old SubCard loyalty program and it offers a personalized discount system for customers.

To qualify for the reward, you need to sign up at Subway’s website or download the Subway appOpens in a new tab.. Any other way of registering is not eligible to participate in the program.

Anyone above 13 years who resides in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S military installations can participate in the program.

New members can create a Subway account by Sign Up with an email ID and phone numberOpens in a new tab.. You will get a bonus point of 3x tokens after becoming a member. 

To earn points, you need to scan the QR code at the register or on the app while making payment. However, you need to ensure that the particular Subway location chainOpens in a new tab. participates in the rewards program.

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How Does Subway’s MyWay Work?

With a username and password, anyone can register for a Subway MyWay card.Opens in a new tab. If you are an existing member, log in to the account and add the MyWay card to the Card and Payment. After ordering, swipe the rewards card at any participating Subway restaurant or order online and earn tokens.

The loyalty program also includes personalized offers and surprise rewards that can be redeemed online or through the app. It can be used only in the country where the surprise rewards are issued.

You can track the active points and keep updated on the latest deals and offers for saving money.

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What Are the Perks of Subway MyWay Rewards?

One of the benefits you can enjoy as a Subway guest is earning tokens on every purchase, 4 tokens for every dollar spent on food and beverage. Even new members can benefit from signing up with a bonus of 3x tokens during the first week of membership.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy as a MyWay member.

  • 4 tokens are available for every $1 purchase.
  • $2 will be added to Subway credit when you earn 200 tokens.
  • The points can be redeemed for the free menu item.
  • Free food and drink are rewarded on special events like Birthdays.
  • No fee is charged for using a Subway card.
  • You can combine a $2 reward with other eligible offers.

What Can I Get with Subway MyWay Reward?

The points earned from MyWay can be redeemed by purchasing the corresponding items. Subway guests get the opportunity to earn extra tokens with surprise rewards like free cookies, chips, and drinks. You can see the offers in the Rewards and Deals section of the app.

Any Hot Drink100
Any Snack200
6” Sub500
6” Flatbread500
6” Salad500
12” Sub1000
12” Flatbread1000

You can get a free six-inch sub and a drink on your birthday which is the only annual reward offered in Subway. You can access the birthday deal by signing up on Subway’s Eat Fresh Club. 

The birthday offers are displayed in the Offers section. Click “Activate” and select the location. Show your voucher at the counter to get your free lunch.

Learn more about the rewards: Subway FAQ Opens in a new tab.

How Much Does Subway MyWay Points Worth?

MyWay rewards worth you getting free food and occasional limited-time deals and offers. You can get up to 2000 token points that will be added to your account. As long as you earn or redeem points they do not expire.

For example, If you order a footlong sub, you get a free footlong with 50% off. To get the deal use the promo code “BOGO50”.Opens in a new tab.

Most of the Subway offers a special sub Meatball Marinara every day. Subway also offers daily deals with a different sub each day.

  • Monday- Chicken Teriyaki
  • Tuesday- Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Wednesday- Turkey Breast
  • Thursday- Italian BMT(Biggest Meatiest Tastiest)
  • Friday- Tuna
  • Saturday- Black Forest Ham
  • Sunday- Meatball Marinara

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How Can I Redeem Subway MyWay Rewards?

To redeem the earned tokens, it is required to identify yourself as a MyWay Rewards Member by scanning your digital card on the Subway app or swipe the card at the restaurant before purchase and choose the option of redeeming points for your current purchase. For online purchases add reward tokens before submitting an order.

You can check the available balance points on the Subway app. You can see the tokens and rewards displayed on the home screen near the logo. 

The tokens range from 4 points to 2000 points on all eligible items. $2 reward may expire after 90 days, but your points do not expire if you continue earning or redeeming points.

Is Subway MyWay Reward Worth It?

If you are a regular customer Subway MyWay reward is worth it as you can get exclusive deals and special offers with token points. You can redeem those earned points for future purchases. However, one of the drawbacks is a few Subway locations do not offer surprise rewards and daily deals. 

So, it is convenient to call on Subway customer care to know whether the rewards are available at the particular location. 

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