Does Carl’s Jr. Accept EBT in 2024?

Carl’s Jr. is, without doubt, a household name when it comes to iconic charbroiled burgers but the question is: does it accept EBT for buying food items at its restaurants?

Does Carl’s Jr. Take EBT?

Carl’s Jr. does accept EBT as a form of payment in Arizona and California. Although there are six states in total that have the Restaurant Meal Program in the US, only Arizona, and California are authorized to accept EBT for Carl’s Jr.

You can find out Carl’s Jr. locations that accept EBT hereOpens in a new tab..

Additionally, you should do your findings very well before choosing a particular location of Carl’s Jr. because the fact that a particular state is authorized for RMPs doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to use your EBT in all the locations. Only those Carl’s Jr.’s restaurants that participate in the program will accept the card.

Also, most fast-food restaurants only accept EBT for in-store purchases and not for pickup or home delivery. So if you’re looking for a restaurant where you can order your meal from work or home and have it delivered at your doorstep or pick it up at a location, you may need to use an alternative payment.

Check to see if these restaurants accept EBT:

What Can You Buy With EBT At Carl’s Jr.?

Although the primary objective of the Restaurant Meals Programs is to help low-income families put food on their table without spending to the roof. It allows eligible people to buy unprepared foods and take them home for cooking. While this is good for so many people that have the resources and means, it might not necessarily be a better option for people who don’t have the means. As a consequence, the program gives a waiver to a few states and allows these classes of people to buy food at restaurants with EBT.

Despite this extension granted to a few states to participate in the RMPs, there are some restrictions to food items that you can buy with EBT at participating restaurants.

That leads us to RMP-eligible food items.

Depending on whether you qualify for the RMPs and whether your state offers the program, you can buy certain food items at designated Carl’s Jr.’s restaurants with your EBT. Basically, EBT covers essential food items including soft drink beverages, salads, snacks, chips, cold snack foods that don’t require further cooking before eating, Papa Murphy’s, bread, candy, and many more.

If you need to buy food items outside these food types you may need to use alternative payment options such as debit cards or credit cards.

What Can’t You Buy With EBT At Carl’s Jr.?

EBT doesn’t cover non-essential luxuries such as beer, vitamins, food items that have supplement facts labels, baby essentials, live animals, hot or prepared food like Domino’s Pizza, and all sorts of alcoholic beverages.

How Do You Use EBT At Carl’s Jr.?

Using EBT isn’t different from the normal way of paying at the point of sale machine. You can use EBT either by running or swiping your EBT card through the POS machine. And, once you have your card swiped this way, the appropriate amount for your purchase will be taken away from your EBT card. It’s as simple as that to use EBT at any grocery or fast food restaurant including Carl’s Jr.

Does Carl’s Jr.Accept EBT?

Carl’s Jr. does take EBT as and so you’re ready to take the plunge and stock up on RMP-eligible food items at Carl’s Jr. You need to know which locations and counties accept EBT, and check if they offer home delivery and pickup because not all fast food restaurants do.

Once, you‘re sure of the locations and the food items you can buy with EBT at Carl’s Jr., you can go ahead and give yourself an exciting treat to your favorite burgers. The good thing is using your EBt at Carl’s Jr. is simple and the same as with all other grocery stores. So you wouldn’t have an issue shopping with your card.

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