Is EBT Accepted at Pizza Hut?

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer), also known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is used for individuals, within a certain income threshold, to receive benefits towards certain qualifiable food.

Pizza Hut as a business sells pizza, hot foods, and other food.

The question is, does Pizza Hut accept EBT in 2024? EBT can be used by people in six states under the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP). Certain pizza restaurants qualify for the RMP. 

The six states that allow people to order pizza from Pizza Hut under the RMP are:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Rhode Island

Does Pizza Hut Accept EBT in 2024?

Pizza Hut does not allow customers to order pizza using EBT benefits unless they live in one of six states. These states have a program called the Restaurant Meal Program (RMP) which allows people to order pizza with EBT to use the benefits to purchase pizza. Customers can use EBT benefits in these states from Pizza Hut. 

Check to see if these restaurants accept EBT:

How should EBT be used at Pizza Hut?

EBT cards work in the same way that credit cards, and if the location is eligible for EBT use, then you can use EBT at Pizza Hut.

If you are going to be using EBT at an eligible Pizza Hut, whether through in-store or a vendor like DoorDash, simply swipe the card as normal.

What can/cannot be purchased with EBT at Pizza Hut?

In every state other than the six states that allow EBT to be used at Pizza Hut, EBT is ineligible to be used. This is because EBT cannot be used for hot and prepared foods.

Although, at the six states that allow EBT to be used, you can purchase anything off the Pizza Hut menu.

Can EBT and non-EBT eligible items be on the same transaction?

Typically, EBT at large-chainOpens in a new tab. stores has the technology to separate EBT and non-EBT eligible items. Pizza Hut should have the ability to separate items that are EBT eligible from non-eligible items.

Although, since EBT is only allowed at Pizza Hut in six states, if you need to use EBT for a select number of items, you should be able to separate the items.

Can you use EBT at Pizza Hut?

EBT is only eligible to be used at Pizza Hut in six states and if you are ordering from a Pizza Hut in a location other than in those six states, you will not be able to order using EBT.

This is because Pizza Hut sells hot and prepared items and EBT is not eligible to be used for those types of items outside the six eligible states.

It is important to know that Pizza Hut must abide by the EBT policy and they can only accept EBT as payment where they are approved.

For the Pizza Huts that are in the six states of California, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, and Rhode Island, you can use EBT as payment. Although, if Pizza Hut is outside of those six states, EBT will not be an acceptable form of payment as they do not qualify.

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